📓 All Sightings

Date Location Species Note
5/18/2024 Key West, FL White-crowned Pigeon Very common around the town. Big pigeon with a white head and scaly neck.
5/18/2024 Key West, FL Magnificent Frigatebird Very common catching fish. most of them seemed to be female of juvenile
5/12/2024 Roosevelt Wetlands Northern Flicker seen twice over past weeks
5/12/2024 Roosevelt Wetlands Black-necked Stilt seen a few times over the past weeks
4/27/2024 Roosevelt Wetlands Gull-billed Tern sleek all black cap on head, fully black stout bill. fairly large for a tern. they seem to like this spot.
4/22/2024 Hammock Park Ruby-throated Hummingbird Seen at the end of the canal up in a tree, around 730am
4/22/2024 Hammock Park Black-throated Blue Warbler at end of canal, only seen breifly
4/14/2024 Hammock Park Gray-cheeked Thrush At a bird banding event. No buffy eye ring.
4/13/2024 Fort De Soto Piratic Flycatcher Extremely rare, first in the county. Apparently they raid other birds nests and take them over. Looks very different than any local flycatcher. It does not have the reddish tail that Variegated flycatchers have.
4/13/2024 Fort De Soto Blue Grosbeak -
4/13/2024 Fort De Soto Scarlet Tanager -
4/13/2024 Fort De Soto Rose-breasted Grosbeak -
4/13/2024 Fort De Soto Baltimore Oriole First adult male I have succesfully photographed!
4/8/2024 Fort De Soto Hooded Warbler Very abundant in the county lately
4/7/2024 Sand Key Park Blue-winged Warbler In an oak tree near the playground. The other vermivora warbler besides their extinct friend the Bachman's warbler. Glad I have seen both now, they are quite rare here. Black triangle over eye and white wing spot are indicitive.
4/7/2024 Fort De Soto Eastern Kingbird Other birder insisted it was a mockingbird. Thats why you should have your eyes checked regularly.
4/7/2024 Fort De Soto Kentucky Warbler elusive ground warbler similar in nature to hooded warbler
4/7/2024 Fort De Soto Indigo Bunting -
4/7/2024 Fort De Soto Rose-breasted Grosbeak in ranger house yard
4/6/2024 Fort De Soto Hooded Warbler Many of them today, finally got some good pictures
4/6/2024 Fort De Soto Indigo Bunting in full plumage, no pictures unfortunately
4/6/2024 Fort DeSoto Rose-breasted Grosbeak Single bird at the mulberry tree
4/6/2024 Fort De Soto Prothonotary Warbler -
3/29/2024 My Backyard Hooded Warbler Seen in the morning on the fence, nice find for my house. No pic unfortunately.
3/29/2024 George McGough Park Worm-eating Warbler seen in the distance, first of the year
3/29/2024 George McGough Park Prothonotary Warbler More at once than I have ever seen, at least 5 in a single flock.
3/24/2024 Fort De Soto Orchard Oriole At the fountain
3/24/2024 Fort De Soto Hooded Warbler near the fountain, did not get a good picture unfortunately. first of the year, migration has definitely begun
3/24/2024 Fort De Soto Indigo Bunting early migrant, not quite in full plumage yet, not sure if its too early or if its immature.
3/24/2024 Fort De Soto Pileated Woodpecker -
3/24/2024 Fort De Soto American Kestrel -
3/14/2024 Backyard Royal Tern In the pond, same as last year. I wonder if it is the same bird.
3/6/2024 Flagstaff, AZ Western Bluebird Looks mostly identical to eastern, maybe slghtly more saturated
3/6/2024 Flagstaff, AZ Acorn Woodpecker In a pine tree
3/6/2024 Flagstaff, AZ Northern Flicker A pair, red shafted
3/5/2024 South Kaibab Trail, Grand Canyon, AZ California Condor A pair flying over Skeleton Point. I was able to read one tag as 'E3'. California Condors are one of the rarest birds in the world with a total population of around 370. They are considered critically endangered, and its population is split between southern California and the Grand Canyon. They have the largest wingspan of any north American bird reaching over 9 feet.
2/11/2024 Roosevelt Wetlands Northern Harrier Flying low near the entrance
1/27/2024 Brooker Creek / Keystone Trail Blackburnian Warbler First migrant warbler of the year, either young male or female.
1/27/2024 Brooker Creek / Keystone Trail Eastern Meadowlark Far away and silent
1/13/2024 John Chestnut Park Barred Owl sleeping in a tree above the boardwalk
1/1/2024 Largo Central Park NP Ash-throated Flycatcher Very similar to gcfc but a bit paler and more obvious reddish patch on wing
12/29/2023 Fort De Soto Common Loon several at beach
12/10/2023 Mt. Lemmon, AZ Pygmy Nuthatch smaller brown nuthatch, very vocal. they drum similar to woodpeckers
12/10/2023 Mt. Lemmon, AZ Pine Siskin small group of plain looking sparrow-like bird. small yellow stripe on wing.
12/10/2023 Mt. Lemmon, AZ Mountain Chickadee chickadee with black eye stripe, only found at high elevations
12/10/2023 Mt. Lemmon, AZ Red Crossbill Small groups with reddish-range colors and distinct scissor-bill in pine trees
12/10/2023 Mt. Lemmon, AZ Steller's Jay seen at high elevation
12/9/2023 Madera Canyon, AZ Rivoli's Hummingbird Incredibly beautiful hummingbird with brilliant purple crown and cyan gorget. Very large, second only to the Blue-throated Mountain gem. Looks unnaturally vibrant in the correct lighting. Easily one of the most remarkable birds I have ever seen.
12/8/2023 Patagonia Lake, AZ Black Phoebe black flycatcher high in a tree
12/8/2023 Patagonia Lake, AZ Say's Phoebe grey flycatcher with orange flanks
12/8/2023 Paton Hummingbird Center Inca Dove Large flock in a woodpile
12/8/2023 Paton Hummingbird Center Violet-crowned Hummingbird White hummingbird with brilliant violet-purple crown. Apparently quite rare.
12/8/2023 Paton Hummingbird Center Broad-billed Hummingbird green and blue fully shiny hummingbird. Bright red bill. Very beautiful.
12/8/2023 Patagonia Lake, AZ Rufous-winged Sparrow grey and rusty brown sparrow, limited range and apparently not common. was using a wood pile near the feeders.
12/8/2023 Patagonia Lake, AZ White-throated Sparrow similar to white crown but has yellow markings and different pattern
12/8/2023 Patagonia Lake, AZ Red-naped Sapsucker pair near a stream in the forest
12/8/2023 Patagonia Lake, AZ Black-throated Gray Warbler black and white colored warbler with a single yellow spot on its lore (in front of eye)
12/8/2023 Patagonia Lake, AZ Anna's Hummingbird using bird feeder
12/8/2023 Patagonia Lake, AZ White-crowned Sparrow at bird feeders, 1st year has rusty and grey crown
12/7/2023 Saguaro National Park Pyrrhuloxia Similar to cardinal with paler duller bill and distinct grey and red plumage
12/7/2023 Saguaro National Park Ladder-backed Woodpecker similar to hairy with bolder barring on back and some speckling like a sapsucker
12/7/2023 Saguaro National Park Canyon Towhee similar to green-tail but all grey-brown
12/7/2023 Saguaro National Park Green-tailed Towhee Noisy towhee with yellow/green feathers on wings and tail and a brown head
12/7/2023 Saguaro National Park Black-throated Sparrow Boldly colored social sparrow
12/7/2023 Saguaro National Park Gila Woodpecker basically identical to red-bellied, but does not share range. red mark on head is in front instead of back.
12/7/2023 Saguaro National Park Curve-billed Thrasher Looks like its name, bright yellow eyes
12/7/2023 Saguaro National Park Verdin small yellow headed bird, only penduline tit in the US
12/7/2023 Saguaro National Park Cactus Wren Common around the park. Very boldly patterned.
12/6/2023 Desert Meadows Park, AZ Gambel's Quail common, silly little quail. gathers in large groups
12/6/2023 Madera Canyon, AZ Yellow-eyed Junco replaces dark eyed mostly around here. numerous around campsites.
12/6/2023 Madera Canyona, AZ Mexican Jay Seen mostly at bird feeders but also some in the foothills. Large scrub jay.
12/6/2023 Madera Canyon, AZ Montezuma Quail Tiny quail that hides and runs very fast. Was in a pair. More cryptic plumage than Gamble's
12/6/2023 Madera Canyon, AZ Acorn Woodpecker Very common around the canyon. Loud laughing call. They store acorns in holes they drill.
12/6/2023 Madera Canyon, AZ Bridled Titmouse similar to tufted in behavior and shape, but had chickadee-like face markings
12/6/2023 Madera Canyon, AZ Brown Creeper Seen around the canyon, especially at higher elevations. Creeps along tree branches and trunk looking for bugs.
12/6/2023 Madera Canyon, AZ Gilded Flicker Very similar to a northern flicker, but had bronze colored cap on its head
12/6/2023 Madera Canyon, AZ Painted Redstart Black bird with red belly and white crescent under eye. Unmistakable. Very bold and vibrant. Belongs to the whitestart genus despite its name. Found in a patch of oak trees.
12/6/2023 Madera Canyon, AZ Arizona Woodpecker Similar to Hairy Woodpecker but brown
12/6/2023 Madera Canyon, AZ Greater Roadrunner Large ground cuckoo, unmistakable. not very skittish at all.
12/5/2023 Green Valley, AZ Abert's Towhee Fat sparrow with a long tail. Stays close to the ground and behaves like a thrasher. Looks a lot like a large grey cardinal.
12/5/2023 Green Valley, AZ Cactus Wren Running around on the ground. Had purple juice on its face, maybe from cactus fruit.
12/5/2023 Green Valley, AZ Vermilion Flycatcher Adult male on a powerline
11/5/2023 Largo Central Park Nature Preserve Wilson's Warbler Quite rare in Florida. Black cap is a giveaway.
11/4/2023 Largo Central Park Nature Preserve Yellow Warbler -
10/28/2023 Roosevelt Wetlands Wilson's Snipe -
10/28/2023 Roosevelt Wetlands Merlin in the dead tree at the end, falcons like this spot
10/28/2023 Roosevelt Wetlands Northern Harrier Swooped right and front of me. White tail patch and face disk
10/22/2023 Brooker Creek Bald Eagle Several throughout the park
10/22/2023 Brooker Creek Belted Kingfisher In the first flooded area. No idea what she was doing here since there are no fish in the flooded areas here.
10/22/2023 Brooker Creek Yellow-bellied Sapsucker A young bird near the flooded part
10/21/2023 John Taylor Park Black-billed Cuckoo A young bird next to the boat ramp. Did not have the red eye ring. A little smaller than a blue jay.
9/23/2023 John Taylor Park Scarlet Tanager -
9/23/2023 John Taylor Park Summer Tanager All red, need to figure out when they are or aren't red
9/23/2023 John Taylor Park Ovenbird -
8/31/2023 Treasure Island, Florida American Flamingo I cannot believe it, but a hurricane has pushed a flock of flamingoes into the county. There was a large group of about 16, mostly fledglings. A single individual was almost a full foot taller than the rest, although I could be mistaken. Plumage varied between individuals but they were certainly pink. A legendary bird for sure.
7/23/2023 Garden Of The Gods, Colorado Woodhouse's Scrub-Jay looked very disheveled
7/23/2023 Garden Of The Gods, Colorado Bullock's Oriole A beautuful golden colored Oriole, saw a male and a female. Not shy at all like ours in Florida.
7/23/2023 Colorado Violet-green Swallow Very common, seen all over the place. Most were not very irridescent
7/21/2023 Garden Of The Gods, Colorado Cordilleran Flycatcher I think it has recently been lumped into Western Flycatchers. Empidonax is hard.
7/21/2023 Garden Of The Gods, Colorado Western Kingbird much more yellow than our kingbirds, easy to tell apart
7/21/2023 Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado Williamson's Sapsucker I think it was a young or female bird. Looks like a typical sapsucker but is mostly black instead of mostly white. did not see any red
7/21/2023 Colorado Lesser Goldfinch black cap
7/21/2023 Colorado Broad-tailed Hummingbird Looks almost identical to Ruby throat
7/21/2023 Colorado Black-billed Magpie -
6/4/2023 Lake Seminole Park Chuck-will's-widow On on the side trails sitting on the ground around 9am. Flew away as soon as it saw me. Did not see any wing bar.
6/4/2023 Lake Seminole Park Purple Gallinule -
5/27/2023 Pinellas Park Common Myna Seen at a shopping center. An exotic bird from Asia that has been seen around this area for about a year. I think it hitched a ride on a shipping container bound for an asian market across the street.
5/20/2023 Lake Maggiore Purple Martin In the nest box complex by the boat ramp, east side of the river. About 10 or so adults and a bunch of tiny little adorable babies in the boxes. Only 2 males were full purple. Very interesting call.
5/20/2023 Boyd Hill Preserve Black-bellied Whistling-Duck A family! lots of little babies and 2 parents hanging out near the island.
5/13/2023 Lake Seminole Park Least Bittern By the purple gallinule spot, stealthily hanging out in the reeds. Their camo is very impressive.
5/13/2023 Lake Seminole Park Purple Gallinule A family in the usual spot, wasn't able to count the children but at least 3
5/7/2023 Roosevelt Wetlands Gull-billed Tern Going up and down the canal, a nice lady named Anne pointed it out. Sleek black head and large black bill.
5/7/2023 Roosevelt Wetlands Blue Grosbeak Female
5/6/2023 Fort De Soto Blue Grosbeak Female
5/6/2023 Fort De Soto Bay-breasted Warbler In the mangrove forest
5/6/2023 Fort De Soto Indigo Bunting Several throughout the day, mostly younger
4/30/2023 George McGough Park Scarlet Tanager a few females scattered around
4/30/2023 George McGough Park Bay-breasted Warbler A small group sort of near the boardwalk, all in breeding plumage. Very beautiful, hope I can see more soon.
4/23/2023 Fort De Soto Scissor-tailed Flycatcher A very rare bird! Usually found in Texas, but a few are spotted at De Soto every year or so. Very long distinct tail. Got a good pic of it hovering.
4/23/2023 Fort De Soto Blue Grosbeak Near the beach, male
4/23/2023 Fort De Soto Veery near ranger house
4/23/2023 Fort De Soto Eastern Kingbird Near the fort
4/23/2023 Fort De Soto Orchard Oriole A female spotted on top of the fort. Smaller than most orioles with a stubbier beak.
4/23/2023 Fort De Soto Ruby-throated Hummingbird Never seen so many before! At least 6 spotted throughout the day. Most did not have the red gorget.
4/22/2023 Fort De Soto Louisiana Waterthrush Drinking from the fountain
4/22/2023 Fort De Soto Scarlet Tanager Extremely bright red for some reason. Several seen.
4/22/2023 Fort De Soto Summer Tanager -
4/22/2023 Fort De Soto Indigo Bunting A pair seen in the fig tree and a few others by the road. Spottier than the ones seen in the north end of the county.
4/22/2023 Fort De Soto Rose-breasted Grosbeak At least 20 seen through the day
4/22/2023 Fort De Soto Black-throated Blue Warbler Seen in the tree behind the ranger house and in the fig tree by the Station.
4/21/2023 Largo Central Park NP Blue Grosbeak A male and a female by the canal. The male can be distinguished from buntings by their size, orange striping on the wings, and larger conical bill
4/21/2023 Largo Central Park NP Veery A plain looking thrush spotted at the far end of the canal.
4/21/2023 Largo Central Park NP Indigo Bunting A few by the canal, all bright blue
4/20/2023 Hammock Park Indigo Bunting Usual spots, 3 total
4/20/2023 Hammock Park Rose-breasted Grosbeak Seen twice, 3, then 6. Been seeing lots of them lately.
4/20/2023 Hammock Park Ruby-throated Hummingbird A female in its nest. Nest was a small cup made of lichen or something
4/20/2023 Hammock Park Blackpoll Warbler In the oak tree at the end of the creek trail, a male in full plumage. slight yellow wings and distinct black cap.
4/19/2023 Possum Branch Preserve Orchard Oriole -
4/19/2023 Possum Branch Preserve Rose-breasted Grosbeak In one of the mulberry trees, their favorite
4/19/2023 Possum Branch Preserve Cedar Waxwing -
4/18/2023 Hammock Park Summer Tanager All red
4/18/2023 Hammock Park Hooded Warbler At the Weir, very bold colors. Warblers seem to like this spot
4/18/2023 Hammock Park Indigo Bunting 2 or 3 near the bird feeder, all blue
4/18/2023 Hammock Park Ruby-throated Hummingbird First hummingbird I have seen in Florida. Perched on a very high oak tree branch.
4/16/2023 Honeymoon Island SP Orchard Oriole Redish colored warbler, at the end of the trail with the eagle nest. They seem to like beachy areas.
4/16/2023 Honeymoon Island SP Rose-breasted Grosbeak Didnt even notice until I was looking at pictures
4/16/2023 Honeymoon Island SP Gray Kingbird Let me get very close, several of them today. I think I counted 3
4/16/2023 Hammock Park Prothonotary Warbler In the forested area near where the buntings were in fall
4/16/2023 Honeymoon Island SP Eastern Towhee -
4/15/2023 Sawgrass Lake Park Black-throated Green Warbler -
4/15/2023 George McGough Park Eastern Screech-Owl In an owl box
4/15/2023 George Mcgough Park American Redstart -
4/8/2023 Fort Desoto Cedar Waxwing 5 in the fruit tree next to the ranger house
4/7/2023 Hammock Park Worm-eating Warbler -
4/7/2023 Largo Central Park NP Swallow-tailed Kite flying close to the ground
4/2/2023 Gladys Douglas Preserve Hermit Thrush Near the road
4/2/2023 Glady Douglas Preserve Red-tailed Hawk nesting
4/1/2023 Caladesi Island Red-breasted Merganser -
3/25/2023 Northshore Park, St Pete, FL Great-tailed Grackle A very rare bird for Florida, if I am not mistaken this is the first individual recorded, at least on eBird. Lots of other birders looking for it. Looked like a boat-tailed Grackle but slightly larger with a smaller forehead and yellow eyes. Had very strange vocalizations, like nothing ive heard from a bird. Was making sounds like a camera shutter, radio static, and a guinea pig.
3/18/2023 Hammock Park Wood Duck -
3/18/2023 John Chestnut Park Anhinga In breeding plumage
3/18/2023 John Chestunut Park Eastern Bluebird Very vibrant blue
3/18/2023 John Chestnut Park Red-shouldered Hawk -
3/18/2023 Hammock Park Cedar Waxwing Lots of them this year
3/17/2023 Largo Central Park NP Egyptian Goose at the golf course as usual
3/12/2023 Roosevelt Wetlands Killdeer On the path near the entrance, i wonder if there is nest nearby
3/12/2023 Roosevelt Wetlands Glossy Ibis Looks like its in breeding plumage
2/12/2023 Sand Key Park Bonaparte's Gull Delicate looking gull with a black spot behind its eye in nonbreeding plumage. thing black beak.
2/12/2023 John Bonner Park Pileated Woodpecker A baby in a dead tree
2/12/2023 Roosevelt Wetlands Mottled Duck -
2/12/2023 Largo Central Park NP Mottled Duck A hybrid in the usual spot
2/12/2023 Sand Key Park Reddish Egret -
2/12/2023 Sand Key Park Belted Kingfisher -
2/12/2023 Largo Central Park NP Northern Flicker near parking lot
2/11/2023 John Bonner Park Bufflehead -
2/4/2023 Corkscrew Swamp Louisiana Waterthrush Less streaking and lighter, more orange-ish legs than a Northern Watertrush. Large for a warbler. Was bobbing its tail and hanging around some water, behaving sort of like a Dipper.
2/4/2023 Corkscrew Swamp American Bittern Finally! Right near the entrance. A cryptic colored medium sized heron, about the size of a night heron. Swayed in the wind and stuck its head up in an attempt to camouflage itself. It is the last heron I needed to see in the US!
2/4/2023 Corkscrew Swamp Purple Gallinule A young navy colored bird
2/4/2023 Corkscrew Swamp Great Crested Flycatcher They are not yet present in Pinellas. They may live in south FL year round.
2/4/2023 Celery Fields Loggerhead Shrike So many here
1/15/2023 Possum Branch Preserve Sora in the bushes on the far end of the pond near the entrance. Tiny with distinct yellow beak and speckled feathers. silent and very shy. finally got a picture
1/15/2023 Possum Branch Preserve Wilson's Snipe near the sora, a single bird. been seeing these a lot lately
12/17/2022 Withlacoochee State Forest Ruby-crowned Kinglet A single male, came to visit us seemingly out of curiosity. Flashed its red patch a few times while eating some berries. Cute little bird.
12/17/2022 Withlacoochee State Forest Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Near a large sinkhole
12/17/2022 Withlacoochee State Forest Red-headed Woodpecker 5 total on various trails. males and females are identical
12/11/2022 Roosevelt Wetlands Peregrine Falcon At the very end of the pump station trail in a tall pine tree. Very large for a falcon. Identifiable by the the distinct falcon 'tears' under its eyes. I believe this was a juvenile. They are the fastest animal in the world with a top speed of 240 miles per hour, almost 4 times faster than any fish or land animal. I am very happy to see this bird.
12/11/2022 Roosevelt Wetlands Loggerhead Shrike Many as usual. It seems like shrikes are a good indicator of a healthy ecosystem
12/11/2022 Roosevelt Wetlands Black-bellied Whistling-Duck A single bird swimming on the peninsula in the middle of the pond
12/11/2022 Roosevelt Wetlands Northern Flicker In the trees near the entrance by the industrial plant
12/11/2022 Roosevelt Wetlands Spotted Sandpiper -
12/3/2022 Boyd Hill Preserve Ruddy Duck Far away on the opposite side of the lake hangning out with some scaups. Very tiny duck with a stripe on its face, and a large bill. Probably a female.
12/3/2022 Boyd Hill Preserve American Wigeon A pair among the coots near little island with the bridge. Small grey duck with a small dark green streak above the eye, and a dull blue bill.
12/3/2022 Boyd Hill Preserve Sora Another heard, but not seen. Very distinct call, I think I am good at identifying it now. It will probably be a while before I can get a view of one in the open.
12/3/2022 Boyd Hill Preserve Red-shouldered Hawk -
12/3/2022 Boyd Hill Preserve Roseate Spoonbill -
12/3/2022 Boyd Hill Preserve Ring-necked Duck Near the coots
11/25/2022 Brooker Creek Vesper Sparrow Quite rare around here. On a fence on the keystone trail. Hard to identify, like most sparrows.
11/25/2022 Brooker Creek Sora On the Keystone trail, on the right side near the entrance. in very thick brush, so I only heard it, but I was able to get a recording and a positive id. I wish I was able to see it but now at least I know they exist.
11/25/2022 Brooker Creek Wilson's Snipe 2 spotted, one in retention pond by sports field, other on keystone trail. One even did its little rain dance for me. Cute little birds
11/25/2022 Brooker Creek Savannah Sparrow On keystone trail, several in a mixed flock. They have a bit of yellow on their head and have high contrast black nad white chest.
11/25/2022 Brooker Creek Sedge Wren On keystone trail in the reed thicket. tan colored unlike house wren
11/25/2022 Brooker Creek Cooper's Hawk Keystone trail, eating another bird
11/25/2022 Brooker Creek Swamp Sparrow -
11/24/2022 Eagle Lake Park Wood Duck A large group of about 20, males were in breeding plumage
11/24/2022 Eagle Lake Park American Kestrel Eating a lizard on the fence near the abandoned house
11/24/2022 Eagle Lake Park Canada Goose In a hidden pond near some houses, a barnacle goose hybrid was recenty spotted here but I think it was taken in
11/19/2022 Largo Central Park Nature Preserve Orange-crowned Warbler Nondescript warbler. broken white eye ring distinguishes from tenn. warbler
11/13/2022 William Dunn Water Reclaimation Plant Horned Grebe A single nonbreeding bird among a some redheads and ringnecked ducks. The only other grebe we usually get around here is pied billed.
11/13/2022 William Dunn Water Reclaimation Plant Bald Eagle in the dead tree looking over the water
11/13/2022 William Dunn Water Reclaimation Plant Redhead -
11/13/2022 William Dunn Water Reclaimation Plant Ring-necked Duck -
10/30/2022 Hammock Park Scaly-breasted Munia An exotic bird from Asia. Probably an escaped pet or from an established population. It was living with a flock of Indigo/Painted Buntings eating seeds off some plants near a small stream. I wonder if it will continue migrating south with the buntings.
10/16/2022 Hammock Park Gray-cheeked Thrush faint gray cheek, need to find a better way to identify thrush
10/16/2022 Hammock Park Scarlet Tanager Similar to summer tanager but with black wings
10/16/2022 Hammock Park Indigo Bunting lots of them today
10/16/2022 Hammock Park Swainson's Thrush in the tall pine tree
10/15/2022 Hammock Park Bay-breasted Warbler On the boardwalk
10/15/2022 Honeymoon Island Sp Yellow Warbler two toned beak is a good identifier
10/2/2022 Fort DeSoto Park Eastern Kingbird On the trail from the ranger house to the oak forest
10/2/2022 Fort DeSoto Park Rose-breasted Grosbeak Hidden in the trees near the fountain
10/2/2022 Fort DeSoto Park White-winged Dove On a power line near the ranger house
10/1/2022 Lake Seminole Park Common Yellowthroat Hidden in the usual spot near the water
9/29/2022 Hammock Park Summer Tanager 2, big chunky beaks give them away
9/29/2022 Lake Saundra Magnolia Warbler -
9/29/2022 Lake Saundra Blackburnian Warbler -
9/29/2022 Lake Saundra Wood Stork hunkering down for the hurricane
9/29/2022 Lake Saundra American Redstart many young and females and a single mature male
9/29/2022 Lake Saundra Common Yellowthroat Lots of them
9/24/2022 George McGough Park Olive-sided Flycatcher Very rare in Pinellas. Also reported by other on eBird. Distinguished by its olive colored 'vest'!
9/18/2022 Roosevelt Wetlands Golden-winged Warbler A lifer for me and a very rare bird around here in general. Very beautiful. Was in the oak trees at the very end of the northmost road, past the pump house. Did not get the best picture, but that is okay I am very happy to have seen it at all.
9/18/2022 Roosevelt Wetlands Yellow Warbler -
9/18/2022 Roosevelt Wetlands Prairie Warbler -
9/18/2022 Roosevelt Wetlands Loggerhead Shrike -
9/18/2022 Roosevelt Wetlands Tricolored Heron -
9/18/2022 Roosevelt Wetlands White-eyed Vireo -
8/28/2022 George McGough Park Worm-eating Warbler First migrant of the year! Was hanging around some cardinals in its usual spot.
8/21/2022 Lake Seminole Purple Gallinule A lone purple with some common gallinules in the usual spot
7/19/2022 Reykjavik, Iceland Black-headed Gull In the town pond, was nonbreeding. Much smaller than most of the gulls in iceland.
7/19/2022 Snaefellsnes, Iceland Common Ringed Plover seen near the side of a road. A very bold but typcal looking plover.
7/19/2022 Reykjavik, Iceland Tufted Duck A small family in the town pond. Easily distinguished by its tuft.
7/19/2022 Reykjavik, Iceland Common Raven Huge corvid, looks bigger than the ones in the US
7/18/2022 Snaefellsnes, Iceland European Shag Nesting among other birds on a rocky cliffside, very similar to the cormorants in FLorida
7/18/2022 Glymurfoss, Iceland Redwing Similar looking to an Amerian robin but more scraggly looking. Also very similar looking to a Fieldfare.
7/16/2022 Snaefellsnes, Iceland Northern Wheatear seen flying over a remote area near the coast. I believe it was non-breeding or female.
7/16/2022 Snaefellsnes Coast, Iceland Red-necked Phalarope several small flocks flying and swimming. Much smaller than I expected them to be
7/16/2022 Snaefellsnes, Iceland Common Eider Common in every body of water, including the ocean. The most common duck I saw.
7/16/2022 Snaefellsnes Coast, Iceland Northern Gannet several mostly flying in small groups but some were swimming. They have beautiful blue eyes. The juveniles seem to to be white with black spots like a dalmation.
7/16/2022 Snaefellsnes Coast, Iceland Atlantic Puffin Many swimming in the water in small groups. I did not see any nesting sites. They look similar to Horned puffins from the Pacific coast. According to the tour guide they lose their bright colored bills in when they are not breeding.
7/16/2022 Snaefellsnes Coast, Iceland Razorbill Similar to a murre or puffin but with a thicker black and white striped beak. Probably my favorite auk.
7/16/2022 Snaefellsnes Coast, Iceland Black Guillemot All black guillemot with signature red feet. Less common than the other sea birds.
7/16/2022 Snaefellsnes Coast, Iceland Common Murre Common in the water and on rocky outcroppings. They seem to live together with Razorbills. Fairly large and heavy, they have a hard time flying.
7/16/2022 Snaefellsnes, Iceland Northern Fulmar Fairly common, they seem to nest here. Saw several nesting sites including a very cute baby.
7/16/2022 Snaefellsnes, Iceland White Wagtail Fairly common in parking lots and such. seem to fight eachother a lot.
7/16/2022 Snaefellsnes, Iceland Harlequin Duck A single bird on the coast near some rocks. Seemed a bit scruffy.
7/16/2022 Snaefellsnes, Iceland Black-legged Kittiwake CAn be found nesting in cliffsides in huge colonies much like the Fulmar. After seeing one in Florida it is quite the treat to see them at their nesting sites.
7/15/2022 Snaefellsnes, Iceland Whooper Swan Common in most ponds and lakes around the peninsula
7/15/2022 Snaefellsnes, Iceland Arctic Tern Common just about everywhere. They are very aggressive in their nesting sites which usually seem to be random fields. They are called 'Kria' in Icelandic, for the sound that they make.
7/15/2022 Snaefellsnes, Iceland Lesser Black-backed Gull Very similar looking to great black backed gulls, slightly smaller and paler winged. also common.
7/15/2022 Snaefellsnes, Iceland Great Black-backed Gull Common pretty much everywhere, very large gull
7/15/2022 Snaefellsnes, Iceland Eurasian Oystercatcher Can be found all over the peninsula, very common. Seems that they behave more like sandpipers here, looking for worms alongside the road.
7/15/2022 Snaefellsnes, Iceland Graylag Goose A herd running across the tundra, wild birds as opposed to the domestic graylags we have in america.
7/15/2022 Snaefellsnes, Iceland Merlin Iceland has their own subspecies I believe. Looks more snowy than the ones in Florida. Was hunting by the side of a road near a small waterfall.
7/15/2022 Snaefellsnes, Iceland Whimbrel common all over the peninsula. I believe the european subspecies is soon to be split from the ones we have in America (Hudsonian).
6/25/2022 Brooker Creek Black-bellied Whistling-Duck A few mostly by the roadside by the northern part of the preserve (north of the road)
6/25/2022 Brooker Creek Eastern Bluebird On the runoff trail of which I forget the name
6/25/2022 Brooker Creek Sandhill Crane Several around the northern part of the preserve
6/25/2022 Brooker Creek Wild Turkey On the entrance road, by itself. No pic :(
6/15/2022 My Yard Eastern Screech-Owl a lovely pair making weird noises on the power line, too dark to take a good photo.
5/6/2022 Third Beach, WA Black Oystercatcher All black timid Oystercatcher
5/6/2022 Port Townsend, WA Anna's Hummingbird In a town park drinking necter. Very beautiful, in its breeding plumage. Got a good view of its gorget.
5/6/2022 Port Townsend, WA Bushtit tiny grey brown borb with yellow eyes
5/6/2022 Port Townsend, WA Gadwall Several in a town park. All grey large duck.
5/6/2022 Port Townsend, WA Pigeon Guillemot All black bird with bold red feed, a pair swimming in a harbor
5/6/2022 Port Townsend, WA Bufflehead -
5/6/2022 Third Beach, WA Bald Eagle Many on the beaches catching fish from the water
5/6/2022 Port Townsend, WA Yellow-rumped Warbler very healthy looking Audubon's Warblers
5/5/2022 Forks, WA Golden-crowned Sparrow Very common and usually in groups
5/5/2022 Rialto Beach, WA Hairy Woodpecker Pecking at some driftwood, notably larger than downy woodpeckers
5/5/2022 Hoh Rainforest, WA Common Merganser several in a pond, nonbreeding
5/5/2022 Forks, WA Savannah Sparrow On beaches, usually not in groups
5/5/2022 Forks, WA Surf Scoter Several in beaches and harbor areas, usually far from shore.
5/4/2022 Hoodsport, WA Spotted Towhee Very bold colors, a few spotted around the olympics
5/4/2022 Hoodsport, WA Pacific Wren nosiy as their eastern counterparts. plain dark brown with a cryptic pattern
5/4/2022 Hoodsport, WA American Dipper dipping on a rock under a bridge, larger than most songbirds
5/4/2022 Hoodsport, WA Steller's Jay Not as common as blue jays are out west
5/4/2022 Hoodsport, WA Hermit Warbler On a long trail up a large tree with some other small birds
5/4/2022 Hoodsport, WA Chestnut-backed Chickadee Several in the trees in mountainous areas
5/4/2022 Hoodsport, WA Townsend's Warbler On a long trail up in a large tree with several other small bird species
5/4/2022 Hoodsport, WA Harlequin Duck A pair diving down a rapid
5/3/2022 Washington Glaucous-winged Gull There are many gulls in the olympic area but this species seems to be the most common
5/3/2022 Hoodsport, WA Red-necked Grebe far out in the water at a pier, diving under often
5/3/2022 Hoodsport, WA Golden-crowned Kinglet glimpse in a tree early in the morning
5/3/2022 Hoodsport, WA Common Loon -
5/3/2022 Washington Dark-eyed Junco Very common in mountainous areas, some of the Oregon subspecies
4/23/2022 Fort De Soto Park Summer Tanager a female near the ranger house. surprised I have not seen one before. yellow bunting-like bird with darkish wings. males are bold red
4/23/2022 Fort De Soto Park Cape May Warbler several scattered around the oak tree area, very pretty. looks sort of like a breeding palm warbler, but they have bolder colors and white bars on the wings
4/23/2022 Fort De Soto Park Indigo Bunting Another one in pretty blue plumage, did not get a good picture unfortunately
4/23/2022 Fort De Soto Park Rose-breasted Grosbeak A beautiful male in full plumage eating from a mulberry bush in the oak tree area. Was attracting a lot of attention
4/10/2022 Fort De Soto Black-legged Kittiwake Possibly the rarest bird I have ever seen. These do not normally come here. Black legs, dull yellow-green beak. Medium sized seabird. On the pier near the fort. Pictures are included. I am extremely happy to have seen this bird.
4/10/2022 Fort De Soto Hooded Warbler -
4/10/2022 Fort De Soto Indigo Bunting Near ranger house
4/10/2022 Fort De Soto Prothonotary Warbler -
4/9/2022 Honeymoon Island SP Eastern Kingbird Large flycatcher with very constrastive black and white coloring. very similar to a phoebe. seen on the sandy middle trail
4/9/2022 Honeymoon Island SP Orchard Oriole A new lifer, very excited about this one. Not a common bird in FL, but they are known to frequent Honeymoon Island. Looked sort of similar to a Towhee but no white chest and a narrower beak. Was on the the middle trail near the entrance.
4/9/2022 Honeymoon Island SP Eastern Towhee Many today, I am very familiar with thier call now... They are not very timid, and are willing to call right in front of you. one almost flew into me!
4/3/2022 George McGough Park Kentucky Warbler At first glance it looks like a Hooded Warbler. They spend most of their time on the ground.
4/3/2022 George McGough Park Hooded Warbler Several all around the park, they must be migrating right now
4/3/2022 George McGough Park Wood Thrush seen breifly in the trees
4/3/2022 George McGough Park Great Crested Flycatcher First of the year!
4/3/2022 George McGough Park White-eyed Vireo -
4/3/2022 George McGough Park Blue-headed Vireo -
3/30/2022 George McGough Park Hooded Warbler On the gravel path near the meadow
3/27/2022 Brooker Creek Swallow-tailed Kite Many around the park, they must be migrating north
3/27/2022 Brooker Creek Eastern Bluebird Very blue
3/26/2022 Largo Central Park NP American Kestrel a pair near the parking lot
3/26/2022 My Yard Brown Thrasher fighting with grackles
3/26/2022 Largo Central Park NP Cattle Egret Several, including one in breeding plumage
3/23/2022 My Yard Fish Crow quite a few lately, they keep getting into fights with the blackbirds
3/23/2022 My Yard Muscovy Duck New to the pond
3/21/2022 My Yard Eurasian Collared-Dove A continuing visitor
2/24/2022 Werner-Boyce SP Red-shouldered Hawk was almost certain it was broad winged... oh well
2/24/2022 Werner-Boyce SP Cedar Waxwing A group of 4 or 5 in a pine tree before the black rail trail
2/24/2022 Werner-Boyce SP Gray Catbird -
2/24/2022 Werner-Boyce SP Bald Eagle chasing some vultures
2/19/2022 Largo Central Park NP Black-bellied Whistling-Duck -
2/19/2022 Largo Central Park NP Anhinga Breeding male, very pretty blue colored eyes
2/19/2022 Largo Central Park NP Roseate Spoonbill -
2/19/2022 Largo Central Park NP Northern Shoveler A whole bunch this time, about 8 mostly males
2/18/2022 - Royal Tern In the pond, large tern with orange bill
2/13/2022 Honeymoons Island SP Prairie Warbler -
2/13/2022 Honeymoon Island SP Cooper's Hawk immature
2/13/2022 Honeymoon Island SP Great Horned Owl Near the entrance to the trail
2/13/2022 Honeymoon Island SP Osprey many nesting
1/10/2022 Lake Seminole Park Common Yellowthroat Near boat ramp
1/10/2022 Lake Seminole Park Swamp Sparrow Very Well Hidden In The Bushes Near The Boat Ramp
1/9/2022 William E. Dunn Water Reclamation Facility Hooded Merganser 3 or 4 in the pond, a little bit separated from the rest of the ducks. Very timid. Beautiful birds.
1/9/2022 William E. Dunn Water Reclamation Facility Bufflehead A few in a large flock of Redheads. Very small ducks compared to the others in the flock.
1/9/2022 William E. Dunn Water Reclamation Facility Redhead At least 1000 in a massive flock together with a few other species. Almost all were Redheads. It seems every winter a few giant flocks of redheads show up somewhere in the county. Amazing to see so many ducks in one spot.
1/9/2022 William E. Dunn Water Reclamation Facility Lesser Scaup Several scattered around the big Redhead flock. They have a kind of bump on their head that Greaters do not have.
1/9/2022 William E. Dunn Water Reclamation Facility Northern Shoveler A few circling the perimeter of the pond, avoiding the crowd.
1/5/2022 My Yard Eurasian Collared-Dove They have returned, I have seen them a few times over the past few weeks
1/4/2022 Honeymoon Island Cooper's Hawk Perched on a palm tree. They are always a bit tricky to identify.
1/4/2022 Honeymoon Island Gray Catbird Extremely numerous, more than ever. I counted at 20 on a short walk. Maybe they are preparing to go somewhere else.
1/4/2022 Honeymoon Island Eastern Towhee 4 heard total, 1 spotted. Yellow eyes once again. Very timid birds.
1/3/2022 Myakka River SP Green-winged Teal A few at the bird walk. Water was low this time of year so I was not able to see them very well. A few males in breeding plumage hanging around some blue-winged teals. Much larger than their cousins.
1/3/2022 Myakka River SP Killdeer Defending its nest in a burnt out field
1/3/2022 Myakka River SP Sandhill Crane a few pairs scattered around. Some went right into the road. Not very timid at all.
1/3/2022 Myakka River SP Glossy Ibis All around the park and surrounding area. They seem to be a lot more numerous in more swampy or grassy areas. Not found hardly ever in Pinellas.
1/3/2022 Myakka River SP Northern Harrier Several around the park. It was a very windy day and they were using the wind to hover over fields to catch their pray. Sort of like a Harrier jet, I wonder if that is how the jet got its name.
1/3/2022 Myakka River SP Black-necked Stilt A few near the wier, beautiful birds.
1/2/2022 Honeymoon Island Common Ground Dove -
1/2/2022 Largo Central Park NP Mottled Duck a pair of mottled ducks, potentially hybrids, in the stream near the entrance, far from the other ducks. Not a tinge of green on the male despite it being breeding season. The female also has too yellow of a bill. Feathers had the distict buffy painted color that mottled ducks have.
1/2/2022 Honeymoon Island Gray Catbird -
1/2/2022 Vinoy Park American White Pelican A big float gathered by the mangroves. All nonbreeding as expected.
1/2/2022 Largo Central Park NP Yellow-bellied Sapsucker In the exact same spot as last year, I wonder if it is the same one.
1/2/2022 Largo Central Park NP Northern Shoveler Continuing bird, always at this park.
1/2/2022 Honeymoon Island Eastern Towhee Florida specimens have yellow eyes. Two calling out to eachother. Call was a single ascending note. Seen near the trail entrance.
1/2/2022 Vinoy Park Snow Goose A pair near the tennis court. Very docile, not alarmed by the crowds of people. It has been continuing for a while and has caused quite the kerfuffle on eBird.
12/30/2021 Fort De Soto Wilson's Plover Swimming like a duck in a puddle
12/30/2021 Fort De Soto Loggerhead Shrike -
12/30/2021 Fort De Soto Magnificent Frigatebird Outside of the park over the bridge, a large group. Finally got a view of their gular pouch.
12/30/2021 Fort De Soto Red-breasted Merganser one in the picnic area, one flying past the north beach. Nonbreeding or females
12/30/2021 Fort De Soto Blue-headed Vireo In the picnic area near the north beach
12/30/2021 Fort De Soto Semipalmated Plover -
12/30/2021 Fort De Soto Black Skimmer A massive mixed colony, at least 100 skimmers
12/29/2021 Oldsmar Loggerhead Shrike In a hospital parking lot, swooped down to grab a bug
12/29/2021 Walsingham Park Pied-billed Grebe bigger and redder than usual. I think the reddish color is their winter plumage.
12/26/2021 Lake Seminole Park Merlin In the same spot as before, I see this time that it is quite a lot larger than a kestrel.
12/26/2021 Lake Seminole Park Great Horned Owl A pair calling to eachother in pine tree. I only got a good look at one but I was able to hear both of their calls. One was a shorter, lower hoot and the other was a longer higher pitched hoot. I think the male has the lower call. I think this behavior is called a 'duet'. They would call and wait for the other to respond and repeat.
12/26/2021 Lake Seminole Park Downy Woodpecker I usually do not record these as they are so common, but I have just recently learned that Hairy woodpeckers, their near-identical cousin, are not found in this county at all. It looks like I will need to look a bit longer to find all of the woodpeckers of Florida.
12/25/2021 Lake Saundra Rose-breasted Grosbeak Eating from a birdfeeder, all brown. I think that means it is a female. Large, heavy bird compared to warblers and finches.
12/19/2021 Sawgrass Lake Park Black-throated Green Warbler likely the last I will see this season. The only warbler I saw today besides palm and yellow-rumped. this warbler seems to stick around a bit longer than the other fall migrants.
12/19/2021 Sawgrass Lake Park Pileated Woodpecker -
12/19/2021 Sawgrass Lake Park Blue-headed Vireo Slamming bugs against a tree. This seems to be one of the preferred ways of killing bugs for vireos.
12/18/2021 Honeymoon Island SP American Kestrel they seem to pump their tails a lot
12/18/2021 My Yard Cooper's Hawk flying from a tree, startled when I went outside in the morning
12/18/2021 Honeymoon Island SP Red-shouldered Hawk -
12/18/2021 Honeymoon Island SP Gray Catbird still numerous
12/18/2021 Honeymoon Island SP American White Pelican a big group flying somewhere
12/16/2021 My Yard Eastern Screech-Owl On the powerline at around 7pm. Shaped like a tiny barrel.
12/16/2021 My Yard Belted Kingfisher He seems to be very active catching a lot of fish and making noise. I wonder if he is preparing to go somewhere.
12/12/2021 Largo Central Park NP Common Gallinule They were all acting rowdy and strange
12/12/2021 Largo Central Park NP Roseate Spoonbill -
12/12/2021 Largo Central Park NP Pied-billed Grebe Several around the lake
12/12/2021 Largo Central Park NP Northern Shoveler Nonbreeding male by some mallards near the stream
12/11/2021 Lake Seminole Park Merlin A falcon perched on top of a dead tree. Larger than a Kestrel but still quite small. Pale coloration, and less noticable 'tears' coming from the eyes unlike a kestrel.
12/11/2021 Boca Ciega Park Yellow-crowned Night-Heron -
12/11/2021 Boca Ciega Park Magnificent Frigatebird A juvenile with a white head and breast. Flying lower than usual.
12/11/2021 Boca Ciega Park Common Yellowthroat near the roped off area next to the pond. A male.
12/9/2021 My Yard Belted Kingfisher By the pond again, a male this time.
12/5/2021 Brooker Creek Brown-headed Nuthatch Little 'masked' brown bird hanging upside down like a woodpecker. Was up a tall pine tree.
12/5/2021 Brooker Creek Carolina Wren -
12/5/2021 Brooker Creek Eastern Bluebird Many as usual scattered around the park
12/5/2021 Brooker Creek Cooper's Hawk flying overhead, t-shape sort of like a falcon.
12/5/2021 Brooker Creek Ovenbird Near the entrance on the trail, rooting around the leaves as they often do. I followed it for a bit but it didn't come out into the open for long. Very cute little bird.
12/5/2021 Brooker Creek Yellow-bellied Sapsucker One near the entrance and another at the Blackwater cutoff. Both had brown feathers on their back. They are only here for the winter. Beautiful painted pattern.
12/5/2021 Brooker Creek Wild Turkey A pair near the Flatwood trail. Very timid, ran off into the wood when they saw me.
11/28/2021 Bass Lake Song Sparrow @ Bass Lake, Boone, North Carolina. A pair chasing eachother in a tree. Both were brown streaky sparrows with thick conical beaks. I am thinking that the beak size and lighter streaking means they are song sparrows but I cannot be completely certain. One may have been the very similar Lincoln's Sparrow.
11/28/2021 Boone White-breasted Nuthatch @ Boone, North Carolina in the mountains. A small woodpecker-like bird, often clinging to trees.
11/28/2021 Bass Lake Bufflehead @ Bass Lake, Boone, North Carolina. Many swimming in a frozen lake. A small duck. Males have a large iridescent purple head and are mostly white. Females are mostly black with a white cheek.
11/28/2021 Bass Lake Belted Kingfisher @ Bass Lake, Boone, North Carolina. A female callings from a tall tree.
11/28/2021 Boone Dark-eyed Junco @ Boone, North Carolina. Slate colored variety. Very common in the mountains. They seem to mostly forage on the ground.
11/23/2021 Honeymoon Island SP Black Vulture @ Honeymoon Island SP, was drinking from a puddle. It let me get very close.
11/23/2021 Honeymoon Island SP Northern Harrier @ Honeymoon Island SP, near the end of the trails. Owl-like facial disk is indicative. Very large hawk.
11/20/2021 Honeymoon Island SP Sedge Wren @ Honeymoon Island, I originally entered this as a Marsh Wren but after getting a second opinion I have reconsidered. Apparently, the buffy coloration around the eyes, lack of bold eyebrows, and the presence of bars on the wings mean it is a Sedge Wren. They can be distinguished from the typical House and Carolina Wrens by the dark brown / black patches on its back. The patches are covered in white speckles. I am not sure I would be able to tell them apart from a Marsh Wren.
11/20/2021 Honeymoon Island SP Yellow-rumped Warbler @ Honeymoon Island, very numerous and travelling in groups
11/20/2021 Honeymoon Island SP House Wren @ Honeymoon Island, lots of them today
11/18/2021 - European Starling a huge swarm of ~300 in my backyard
11/18/2021 - Northern Cardinal 3 in my yard. They seem to prefer the mix with safflower and unshelled seeds.
11/18/2021 - Brown-headed Cowbird In my backyard. I haven't seen them in quite a while. Mixed with the grackle and blackbird flock.
11/14/2021 - Black-throated Green Warbler In my backyard! Perhaps I spoke too soon about migration ending! In the water tree. I think it was female or immature because its throat was faded.
11/14/2021 - Red-tailed Hawk In my backyard on a telephone poll across the pond. Very dark, darker than usual. Not a dark morph, I don't think, as those don't occur much in florida. Didn't get a good look at its belly. There was another hawk, likely the same species flying nearby.
11/14/2021 John Bonner Park Brown Pelican @ John Bonner Park, a big group in the trees sort of like how cormorants tend to do. On an island across the water.
11/14/2021 George McGough Park Yellow-rumped Warbler @ George McGough Park, some of the only birds I saw today. Migration must be almost over :(
11/14/2021 - Common Yellowthroat In my backyard! First I have seen here. It was a either nonbreeding or female.
11/14/2021 - Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
11/11/2021 - Red-bellied Woodpecker at my feeder, had a very distinct red belly, which is surprisingly not very common for a bird called a red bellied woodpecker
11/8/2021 Honeymoon Island SP Chipping Sparrow @ Honeymoon Island SP, perched on a fallen tree and posed nicely for a moment. Looks similar to other new world sparrows but the pink beak and an eyeline continuing past the eye.
11/8/2021 Honeymoon Island SP White-eyed Vireo @ Honeymoon Island SP, seemed to be impaling a berry with its tongue or something.
11/8/2021 Honeymoon Island SP Herring Gull @ Honeymoon Island SP, ragged looking large gull with pink legs
11/7/2021 War Veterans Memorial Park Indigo Bunting @ War Veterans Memorial park, a pair up in a tree. All brown with bluish bars on the wings. Looks very similar to a blue grosbeak, but I guess the beak is wrong
10/31/2021 George McGough Park Magnolia Warbler @ George McGough park, many scattered around the park. They are not very shy. Larger than a northern parula with black markings. These ones were in their fall colors but normally they have a black mask on their face.
10/31/2021 George McGough Park Eastern Wood-Pewee @ George McGough park, very patient and not at all shy. Let me get very close. Was catching bugs from a branch.
10/31/2021 George McGough Park White-eyed Vireo @ George McGough Park, silent for once
10/31/2021 Geroge McGough Park Pine Warbler @ Geroge McGough park, a fully brown individual. I think that means it was an immature female.
10/31/2021 George McGough Park Yellow-rumped Warbler @ George McGough park, the first of the season. I expect to see many soon.
10/30/2021 Fort De Soto White-crowned Sparrow @ Fort De Soto, travelling with the large flock of Indigo Buntings near the ranger house. I don't think they come to Florida very often.
10/30/2021 Fort De Soto Black-throated Green Warbler @ Fort De Soto, in the oak forest by the east beach. Very beautiful. Seems to have almost full plumage all year.
10/30/2021 Fort De Soto Bay-breasted Warbler @ Fort De Soto, dull yellowish warbler with a few splotches of brown-red.
10/30/2021 Fort De Soto Indigo Bunting @ Fort De Soto, a huge flock of around 30 or 50 scattered around the ranger house. They were very timid and all moved as with eachother. All birds were in their brown fall plumage, with small amounts of blue.
10/30/2021 Fort De Soto Eastern Wood-Pewee @ Fort De Soto, several scattered around the park
10/30/2021 Fort De Soto Chestnut-sided Warbler @ Fort De Soto, by the ranger house. Had chestnut colored flanks on near the wings. looks similar to a gnatcatcher.
10/30/2021 Fort De Soto Bald Eagle @ Fort De Soto, a pair fighting an Osprey. Not the first time I have seen them get into disputes with Osprey.
10/30/2021 Fort De Soto Reddish Egret @ Fort De Soto, by a tide pool. Let me get very close.
10/30/2021 Fort De Soto Common Yellowthroat @ Fort De Soto
10/30/2021 Fort De Soto Spotted Sandpiper @ Fort De Soto, by a tidepool. Noisy little guy. I think it was immature because it did not have its spots yet. Was constantly bobbing its tail.
10/30/2021 Fort De Soto Palm Warbler @ Fort De Soto, extremely numerous.
10/30/2021 Fort De Soto Painted Bunting @ Fort De Soto, a single female part of a large flock of Indigo Buntings
10/27/2021 - Turkey Vulture Seen on a bike ride around my neighborhood, was eating a dead squirrel. Much bigger close up than I thought they were.
10/26/2021 - Northern Cardinal A lovely pair in my yard
10/24/2021 Lake Seminole Park Bay-breasted Warbler @ Lake Seminole Park, generic dull yellow warbler. Was slightly more brownish than most of the drab fall warblers. Dark colored feet, blackish wings and tail, dull pink beak. Did not get a great picture unfortunately.
10/24/2021 Lake Seminole Purple Gallinule @ Lake Seminole, the usual spot
10/24/2021 Lake Seminole Park Yellow-throated Warbler @ Lake Seminole Park
10/24/2021 Lake Seminole Park Black-bellied Whistling-Duck @ Lake Seminole Park, a pair at around 7am near where the purple gallinules are
10/24/2021 Lake Seminole Park Pine Warbler @ Lake Seminole Park, many of them today
10/24/2021 Lake Seminole Park Common Yellowthroat @ Lake Seminole Park, near the boat ramp in the same spot as before almost a year ago. A male.
10/24/2021 Lake Seminole Park House Wren @ Lake Seminole Park, noisy bird on top of a tree. Cryptic feathers give it away.
10/24/2021 Lake Seminole Park Palm Warbler @ Lake Seminole Park, still numerous
10/18/2021 - Eurasian Collared-Dove On the powerline in my yard, I haven't seen them in a little while
10/17/2021 Possum Branch Indigo Bunting @ Possum Branch, in some cattails by the water. Was mostly brown with splotches of bright blue on its wings and head. Very pretty bird, I hope I can see one in breeding plumage someday.
10/17/2021 Possum Branch Tennessee Warbler @ Possum Branch, a female I think. Yellowish green color with a black stripe through the eye. The wings seem to have a black edge. Hanging around near the entrance.
10/17/2021 Possum Branch Blackburnian Warbler @ Possum Branch. A better example than the previous ones I have seen; this one had more distinct markings. In a dead tree near the entrance. Yellow continues down the neck, black cap on the head, and a triangular black mark over its eye.
10/17/2021 Possum Branch Red-tailed Hawk @ Possum Branch, flying above
10/17/2021 Possum Branch Little Blue Heron @ Possum Branch, several all over the pond
10/17/2021 Possum Branch Common Yellowthroat @ Possum Branch, a female. Can be distinguished from a nashville warbler by the lack of eye ring and a brown head instead of gray.
10/17/2021 Possum Branch House Wren @ Possum Branch, hiding in some bushes near the water. Very noisy, rapid call
10/17/2021 Possum Branch House Finch @ Possum Branch, all by itself. They are not migratory and usually exist in groups, so it is strange to see one on its own.
10/10/2021 George McGough Park Rose-breasted Grosbeak @ George McGough park, very excited about this one. I think it was an immature male, it had visible rosy color on its chest but it was not as bold as a breeding male. Quite large, almost dove sized. Not present in Florida for most of the year.
10/10/2021 George McGough Park Wood Thrush @ George McGough park. Distinctly dark brown with a black cheek. Has a little crest on its head that is not always visible. Very cute.
10/10/2021 Boca Ciega Park Eastern Wood-Pewee @ Boca Ciega Park, caught some green bug. Was perched high up as flycatchers like to do. It had a yellowish wash to its belly flanked by dusky grey. Lower mandible was bright yellow.
10/10/2021 George McGough Park Swainson's Thrush @ George McGough park, in a palm tree near the intercoastal eating some berries. Distinct from the wood thrush by the lack of black marks on cheeks. Hard to distinguish from other thrush species but given my previous sighting and shape of the eye ring I think it is a Swainson's.
10/10/2021 George McGough Park White-eyed Vireo @ George McGough park, very distinct song, sounds like R2D2
10/10/2021 George McGough Park Yellow-throated Vireo @ George McGough park, several around the park. They have a pair of 'spectacles' over their eye that makes them easy to distinguish. They are a little larger than most warblers.
10/10/2021 George McGough Park American Redstart @ George McGough park, at least 20 in the park. They do not stay still for more than a second, probably because they are looking for food right now. They must be at their peak right now because I am seeing lots of them lately.
10/9/2021 Boca Ciega Park Eastern Wood-Pewee @ Boca Ciega park. Lighter than a Phoebe and with bolder wing bars. This one had a sort of 'mask' over its eyes. Seen from afar, in a pine tree near the boardwalk.
10/9/2021 Boca Ciega Park Cooper's Hawk @ Boca ciega park, was harrassing a white ibis before it saw me.
10/9/2021 Boca Ciega Park American Redstart @ Boca Ciega park, a female. They really do not seem to like to stay still. They also don't often show their face, they seem to stand 'backwards'. They often seem to fan out their tail feathers.
10/9/2021 Boca Ciega Park Gray Catbird @ Boca Ciega park
10/3/2021 George McGough Park Swainson's Thrush @ George McGough park. Did not get a great picture but it is definitely a thrush. In the dead leaf area where the Ovenbirds usually are. Apparently the buffy patch between their beak and eye indicates theyre a swainson's.
10/3/2021 - Yellow Warbler In my yard, they are starting to thin out a bit, I think their peak was a few weeks ago.
10/2/2021 George McGough Park Worm-eating Warbler @ George McGough park, a new lifer for me. I have wanted to see one of these for quite some time, happy to finally see one. They seem to have the same plumage all year. Very distinct looking, acting like a normal warbler. Spotted in the area where the Ovenbirds usually are with the dead leaves.
10/2/2021 George McGough Park Pileated Woodpecker @ George McGough park
10/2/2021 - Gray Catbird George McGough park, serveral near the entrance in a mixed flock with cardinals
10/2/2021 George McGough Park Belted Kingfisher @ George McGough park, a very vocal pair chasing eachother by the mangroves
10/2/2021 - Palm Warbler All over my yard, at least 15. They seem to mostly feed on the groud, where they also apparently make their nests. They are very brave for a warbler, they are the only species that comes in large numbers to my icterid dominated yard. They come within a few feet of me when I am outside. They constantly bob their tail up and down, which makes them easy to spot.
10/1/2021 - White Ibis A group of 4 probing the soil in my garden.
9/28/2021 - Northern Flicker In my yard, high up in a pine tree. Loud rattling call, like most woodpeckers but slower and much louder. Beautiful bird, easily distinguished from any other woodpecker.
9/27/2021 Largo Central Park NP Egyptian Goose @ Largo Central Park NP. Not native, and not common as an introduced species around here. Interesting to see, not sure how it got here.
9/27/2021 Fort De Soto Whimbrel @ Fort De Soto, acting unlike a typical shorebird, as it was eating inkberries in the sand dunes. Very pretty bird.
9/27/2021 Fort De Soto Yellow Warbler @ Fort De Soto, mostly in the mangrove forest but a few others scattered around.
9/27/2021 Fort De Soto Prairie Warbler @ Fort De Soto, in the mangrove forest
9/27/2021 Fort De Soto Black-bellied Plover @ Fort De Soto, in breeding plumage? Spotty black coloring that they do not usually have.
9/27/2021 Fort De Soto American White Pelican @ Fort De Soto, more abundant here than elsewhere in the county
9/27/2021 Fort De Soto Palm Warbler @ Fort De Soto, several all over the place. they seem to be the dominant warbler after a certain point in the fall.
9/26/2021 Lake Saundra White-eyed Vireo @ Lake Saundra, in the magnolia tree with a bunch of red-eyed vireos.
9/26/2021 Lake Saundra Red-shouldered Hawk @ Lake Saundra, a juvenile hunting the migrant warblers.
9/26/2021 Lake Saundra American Redstart @ Lake Saundra, a male in a a tall oak tree
9/26/2021 Lake Saundra Roseate Spoonbill @ Lake Saundra, skimmming in the usual spot
9/25/2021 Hammock Park Tennessee Warbler @ Hammock Park. A plain looking warbler, initially mistaken for a vireo
9/25/2021 Hammock Park Red-eyed Vireo @ Hammock park, all over the place. Very common this year.
9/25/2021 Hammock Park American Redstart @ Hammock park, near the baseball fields. A male and a female. Females are olive/gray and yellow instead of black and orange. Both seem to have whiskers around their beak.
9/25/2021 Hammock Park Ovenbird @ Hammock Park, in the bushes in a dark overgrown path near the back. They seem to stick near the ground and in shady forests.
9/25/2021 Hammock Park Bald Eagle @ Hammock Park, overlooking a pond near the stream.
9/25/2021 Hammock Park Common Yellowthroat @ Hammock park, serveral males and females around the park. All were non-breeding
9/25/2021 Hammock Park House Wren @ Hammock park, looks very distinct from a Carolina Wren. Not very common. Stripey tail is a good indicator.
9/24/2021 - Belted Kingfisher At my pond, a female indicated by the brown belly band.
9/23/2021 Seminole Lake Park Yellow Warbler @ Seminole Lake Park, several near the boat ramp. Can be distinguished from Prothonotary warblers by their yellow tail.
9/23/2021 Seminole Lake Park Prairie Warbler @ Seminole Lake Park, with some yellow warblers.
9/22/2021 - Nanday Parakeet At my feeder!
9/18/2021 - Chestnut-sided Warbler Another migrant in my yard passing through. Non-breeding, as would be expected of a migrant. It was mostly grey with a white eye ring. Its back and the top of its head are olive colored. Looked a bit like a gnatcatcher but the bold wingbars and olive color distinguish it. I did not see the chestnut patch on their side but I am not sure they have that when they are not breeding.
9/18/2021 - Blackburnian Warbler Several in my backyard over the past few days. They are all in non-breeding plumage so determining their sex would be difficult. They usually have a big yellow eyebrow and a pale yellow chest.
9/16/2021 - Blackburnian Warbler In my backyard in an oak tree. Seen around 10:00am. It was either female or nonbreeding, which would make sense as they are migrating through here right now. It is time to go to Fort De Soto, I think...
9/16/2021 - Brown Thrasher In my yard, first I have seen in a while.
9/11/2021 - Red-bellied Woodpecker A family of three attacked some monk parakeets in my yard and scared them away!
9/11/2021 - Monk Parakeet A pair came to my yard, but they were drove away by some red bellied woodpeckers
9/8/2021 - Northern Mockingbird In my yard. I was drying a mosquito net and some flying insects were getting caught in it. This very clever mockingbird was waiting by the net catching the insects getting caught in it.
9/5/2021 Lake Saundra Yellow Warbler @ Lake Saundra, at least 3 of them, all female or juvenile. They were scattered between a few oak trees.
9/5/2021 Lake Saundra And Surrounding Area Red-eyed Vireo @ Lake Saundra and surrounding area. They must be migrating right now or something because I saw at least 6, and previously I have seen only one at a different park. None had the 'whisker' on their throats, and Philidelphia Vireos don't frequent this area.
9/5/2021 Lake Saundra And Surrounding Area Cooper's Hawk @ Lake Saundra and surrounding area, 3 of them spotted throughout the day. 1 was a beautiful breeding male, the others were females. The male attacked a bird feeder, the females were harrassing some ducks.
9/5/2021 Lake Saundra Prothonotary Warbler @ Lake Saundra, more numerous than I have ever seen. I saw about 4 or 5 throughout the day. They are distinct from the yellow warblers in that they always have dark gray wings and a bold yellow-orange color, even the females (although slightly less bold). One of my favorites.
9/5/2021 Lake Saundra Belted Kingfisher @ Lake Saundra, seems to have been here for quite a while. New this year.
8/29/2021 Honeymoon Island SP Western Sandpiper @Honeymoon Island North Beach, Numerous around the tide pools
8/29/2021 Honeymoon Island SP Least Sandpiper @ Honeymoon Island North Beach, distinguished from Semipalmated by their black legs and less rusty coloration
8/29/2021 Honeymoon Island SP American Oystercatcher @ Honeymoon Island North Beach. A striking and unique shorebird. It seemed somewhat timid, and flew up and down the beach a few times before settling in a lagoon. It appeared to be eating a squid tentacle.
8/29/2021 Honeymoon Island SP Gray Kingbird @ Honeymoon Island North Beach, 2 right next to eachother in a dead tree at the very tip of the beach. They look quite a lot like shrikes but have a distinct flycatcher shape. They were making calls next to a lagoon.
8/29/2021 Honeymoon Island SP Black Tern @ Honeymoon Island North Beach, several in nonbreeding plumage scattered around
8/29/2021 Honeymoon Island SP Little Blue Heron @ Honeymoon Island North Beach, At least 10, mostly white first years. All gathered around a grassy area in the parking lot.
8/29/2021 Honeymoon Island SP Reddish Egret @ Honeymoon Island North Beach
8/29/2021 Honeymoon Island SP Sanderling @ Honeymoon Island North Beach. Mostly out of its reddish breeding coloration. Has a 'frosty' appearance.
8/29/2021 Honeymoon Island SP Blue-winged Teal @ Honeymoon Island North Beach, flying overhead very high in the sky. Not sure where they were when they were on the ground.
8/29/2021 Honeymoon Island SP Barn Swallow @ Honeymoon Island North Beach, several catching insects out of the sand. A rare chance to see them from very close. They were a beautiful orange color.
8/26/2021 - Mourning Dove There seems to be a lot fledglings lately, they must've had babies a couple weeks ago.
8/26/2021 - Red-winged Blackbird Much like the mourning doves, there seems to be a lot of fledglings lately.
8/26/2021 - Tufted Titmouse Seems like they went away for a while, but now they are back
8/25/2021 - Northern Mockingbird A repeat visitor to my backyard, sometimes he brings a friend. Looks younger than the ones who dominate the front yard.
8/22/2021 Sawgrass Lake Park Prairie Warbler @ Sawgrass Lake Park
8/22/2021 Sawgrass Lake Park Yellow-throated Warbler @ Sawgrass Lake Park, part of a multispecies flock with a prothonotary and some other yellow throated warblers
8/22/2021 Sawgrass Lake Park Cooper's Hawk @ Sawgrass Lake Park, flying near the entrance
8/22/2021 Sawgrass Lake Park Northern Parula @ Sawgrass Lake Park, very brave, came right up to me.
8/22/2021 Sawgrass Lake Park Prothonotary Warbler @ Sawgrass Lake Park, in an oak tree by the trailhead
8/20/2021 - Eurasian Collared-Dove a lovely breeding pair came to my feeder today. The male had a beautiful pink wash on his chest and head. They followed eachother everywhere around the yard.
8/20/2021 - Northern Mockingbird A fledgling hanging out in the chistmas tree in my yard. Its mother must be around somewhere.
8/19/2021 - Fish Crow Came to inspect my bird bath and suet feeder... He scared away all the starlings with his arrial.
8/19/2021 - Black Skimmer In my pond at around 6:30am, tracing around the perimeter skimming the water. It came pretty close so they must be kind of brazen. left when the sun started to come out.
8/18/2021 - Great Blue Heron The swimmer is back, appears to be the same bird. He is a duller grey than most, maybe a juvenile.
8/17/2021 - Common Grackle a veritable swarm today, at least 25 at once. They must be hungry, I haven't had the feeders out much lately.
8/15/2021 Lake Saundra Belted Kingfisher @ Lake Saundra, they must be an early migrant because I had not seen any all summer until now
8/12/2021' Lake Saundra Prairie Warbler @ Lake Saundra, female/juvenile
8/10/2021 - Chimney Swift In my back yard, I thougt they were the usual tree swallows but they seemed different and on closer inspection they were actually Swifts. They have the typical cigar shaped body and curved thin wings. Swallows, by comparison, have a more fanned or forked tail and broader wings.
8/10/2021 - Common Gallinule One of the Gallinules on my pond has had another round of babies. The last brood of three juveniles are still around and I think they are staying to help raise the new babies. A birdwatcher at a nearby park had told me that the older offspring will help raise the younger ones.
8/10/2021 - Belted Kingfisher He has returned to my pond! Seems they are migratory then.
8/9/2021 - Red-winged Blackbird A female feeding its older fledgling. The fledgling was definitely a male because it was almost twice as big as the mother!
8/8/2021 Lake Seminole Park Purple Gallinule @ Lake Seminole Park, in the usual spot. There were 3 in total. 2 appeared to be either molting or immature as their feathers appeared quite worn. The third was a tan colored juvenile.
8/8/2021 Lake Seminole Park Great Crested Flycatcher @ Lake Seminole Park, in a interspecies flock
8/8/2021 Lake Seminole Limpkin @ Lake Seminole, a family of 4 has been living here for a while. The babies are pretty much fully grown but they are still sticking around their mother for now. They are very cute.
8/8/2021 Lake Seminole Park Green Heron @ Lake Seminole Park
8/8/2021 Lake Seminole Park Black-and-white Warbler @ Lake Seminole Park, around 5 or 6 in a tree with some titmice and woodpeckers. They all seemed to be moving from tree to tree in a group.
8/7/2021 George McGough Park Red-eyed Vireo @ George McGough park. Red Eyed Vireos are almost identical to black whiskered vireos which both share a range in Florida. They are hard to distinguish but I believe this was a red eyed becasue it did not have the faint stripe on its neck that the black whiskered are supposed to have. I am not completely certain though.
8/7/2021 George McGough Park Blue Jay @ George McGough park, puffed up and sitting on the ground with another blue jay, but was not stunned or injured. It flew away when I approached it.
8/7/2021 George McGough Park Pileated Woodpecker @ George McGough park
8/7/2021 George McGough Park Brown Thrasher @ George McGough park, several scattered around the park rummaging through the leaves
8/7/2021 George McGough Park Northern Mockingbird @ George McGough park, 2 fledglings near the entrance right next to some thrashers
8/7/2021 George McGough Park Ovenbird @ George McGough park, rooting around in the leaves near the screech owl box. Had black stripes and a faint orange 'helmet'.
8/5/2021 - Blue Jay A very fat blue jay lives in my yard. He guards an oak tree away from the feeders.
8/5/2021 - Mourning Dove A pair of babies with their parents in my garden. Very cute.
8/5/2021 - White Ibis A flock of 20+ flying in a lopsided V formation while the sun was setting.
8/5/2021 - Great Egret Stalking around my garden...
8/1/2021 Safety Harbor Pier Black Tern @ Safety Harbor Pier. A new lifer, but I am think I may have seen it before. I never would have guessed that Black Terns come so far inland but I guess I was mistaken. it was in non-breeding plumage so it looked like any gull but upon futher inspection its definitely a black tern.
8/1/2021 Lake Seminole Least Bittern @ Lake Seminole, by the fast food parking lot on the other side. I think it was a female or juvenile because it lacked the complete plumage that least bitterns have. It was completely still and very hard to see. A bit smaller than I had imagined. I have been looking for a Least bittern for a long time, I am very happy to have finally found one.
8/1/2021 Lake Seminole Park Prairie Warbler @ Lake Seminole Park, in a tree near where the purple gallinules live. It was battling with another warbler, I think the same species.
8/1/2021 Lake Seminole Park Purple Gallinule @ Lake Seminole Park, a baby and a parent. They seem to be terrified to the Common Gallinules. A man nearby told me that the blackbirds also attack the purple gallinules. Poor things. The baby looked very different from a common gallinule, with black and greenish painted coloration.
8/1/2021 Safety Harbor Park Yellow-crowned Night-Heron @ Safety Harbor park, next to the pier
8/1/2021 Safety Harbor Pier Royal Tern @ Safety Harbor Pier
7/29/2021 - Common Gallinule Some youngsters on the dock across the pond.
7/29/2021 - Mourning Dove A pair in my backyard. They were mating. Before copulating, they did some strange ritual where they bobbed their heads and 'kissed'. I have never seen a male mourning dove actually win over a female, surprised to see it happen.
7/22/2021 - Common Grackle A juvenile at my feeder. It unfortunately seemed to be afflicted with Avian Pox or some similar ailment. There is currently a mysterious disease effecting birds in the Eastern US, hopefully this is unrelated. I took down the feeders for a while and cleaned them.
7/20/2021 - Mourning Dove in my yard. a male chasing a female around. It was puffing out its neck and showing off its shiny spot. The female wasn't a fan and warded him off with her wings.
7/20/2021 - Eurasian Collared-Dove Several around the neighborhood, with a family up a tall white tree
7/20/2021 - Pileated Woodpecker In my back yard! In the tall pine tree.'
7/18/2021 Eagle Lake Park Great Crested Flycatcher @ Eagle Lake Park, a juvenile. Very cute. It didn't have it's crest yet.
7/18/2021 Eagle Lake Park Loggerhead Shrike @ Eagle Lake Park
7/18/2021 Eagle Lake Park Yellow-throated Warbler @ Eagle Lake Park, they seem to retain their colorful feathers all year long
7/18/2021 Eagle Lake Park Wood Duck @ Eagle Lake Park, a whole colony on the furthest pond. About 20 of them.
7/17/2021 Largo Central Park NP Yellow-crowned Night-Heron @ Largo Central Park NP. A juvenile.
7/17/2021 Largo Central Park NP Loggerhead Shrike @ Largo Central Park NP
7/17/2021 Largo Central Park NP American Kestrel @ Largo Central Park NP, in the grassy field. It was darker than most kestrels and had streaks instead of spots, which apparently means it is a female.
7/17/2021 Largo Central Park NP Black-bellied Whistling-Duck @ Largo Central Park NP, an adult and a younger bird sleeping near the powerlines.
7/17/2021 Largo Central Park NP Tricolored Heron @ Largo Central Park NP, was orange instead of the usual purple
7/11/2021 - Boat-tailed Grackle A few more spotted around my pond, including an immature male.
7/11/2021 - Great Blue Heron It seemed to be swimming, which I have never seen before. It was floating in my pond and paddling its legs.
7/10/2021 Busch Gardens White Ibis @ Busch Gardens, they nest in the park so there were a lot of them. Never seen so many juveniles. They were even invading the animal exhibits.
7/9/2021 - Fish Crow In my back yard and on my roof. The blackbirds and blue jays were not happy about the intrusion on their turf.
7/8/2021 - Boat-tailed Grackle visited my back yard, the hurricane must be throwing some birds off course. boat tailed grackels usually don't come to this side of the seminole river for some reason.
7/8/2021 - Tree Swallow They are coming to my pond more frequently
7/7/2021 - White-winged Dove In my back yard! Visited right after a hurricane passed through. Not common in the area. Looks like a Mourning Dove with different markings and a distinct white bar on the wing.
7/6/2021 - Tree Swallow A flock of about 15 flew over my house. I have seen them before in my front yard but they seldom come to the pond behind my house.
7/5/2021 Boca Ciega Park Pileated Woodpecker @ Boca Ciega Park, woodpeckers seem to be active again like they were this spring.
7/5/2021 - Black-crowned Night-Heron
7/5/2021 Boca Ciega Park Carolina Wren @ Boca Ciega Park, they are probably the most common bird I have been seeing for the past month. It seems that in Florida, the most common birds shift from cardinals, to wrens, to yellow rumped warblers throughout the year.
7/4/2021 Lake Seminole Park Limpkin @ Lake Seminole Park, a pair of juveniles with no mother in sight
7/2/2021 - Common Grackle They seem to be having another round of babies
7/2/2021 - Brown Thrasher A youngster eating from my feeder. His head had very short feathers almost like he was bald.
7/2/2021 - Anhinga circling slightly north of my house, there must be another pond nearby
6/27/2021 John Chestnut Park Purple Gallinule @ John Chestnut park, in the plants near the boardwalk near the playground. It had a baby with it. The baby was a tannish color and easily distingusished from a common gallinule baby.
6/27/2021 John Chestnut Park Yellow-throated Warbler @ John Chestnut park, amongst some chickadees and titmice in the oak trees near the playground
6/27/2021 John Chestnut Park Swallow-tailed Kite @ John Chestnut park, several visible from the observation tower, and one patrolling the area and making alarm calls for some reason
6/26/2021 Brooker Creek Black-bellied Whistling-Duck @ Brooker Creek, flying overhead. Not sure where they were going, but it was towards the direction of the entrance. I need to check some nearby ponds.
6/26/2021 Brooker Creek Common Ground Dove @ Brooker Creek, on a tree, the first I have seen away from a beach
6/26/2021 Brooker Creek Eastern Bluebird @ Brooker Creek, getting worms for its babies
6/26/2021 Brooker Creek Black Vulture @ Brooker Creek, serveral eating a deer carcass on the side of the road
6/26/2021 Brooker Creek White-eyed Vireo @ Brooker Creek, near the entrance
6/26/2021 - Cattle Egret Several around Oldsmar and Brooker Creek, in their breeding plumage
6/20/2021 Walsingham Park Common Gallinule @ Walsingham Park, lots of babies, and they are all fearless. They followed me around for a little bit. Very cute.
6/20/2021 Florida Botanical Gardens Across From Walsingham Great Crested Flycatcher @ Florida Botanical Gardens across from Walsingham, stopped for a moment and let me get a few good pictures. They have red markings on their tails.
6/20/2021 Walsingham Park Wood Duck @ Walsingham Park, a young male. Looked similar to a female but with white markings.
6/20/2021 Hammock Park American Kestrel @ Hammock Park, been seeing a lot of them lately
6/20/2021 Florida Botanical Gardens Red-tailed Hawk @ Florida Botanical Gardens, in some back area behind a fence. It was screaming very loudly.
6/20/2021 Florida Botanical Gardens Wood Stork @ Florida Botanical Gardens, looked like a dinosaur. It was digging through the mud with its beak and using its foot to move plants aside.
6/16/2021 - Great Crested Flycatcher A family has moved into my back yard. They have very striking yellow wings in flight and flutter their wings quickly.
6/16/2021 - Cooper's Hawk Attacked the feeder, and killed a bird. Luckily it was not one of the flycatchers...
6/13/2021 Eagle Lake Park Loggerhead Shrike @ Eagle Lake Park, several of them flying around in the open field. One seemed to be a fledgling and had lighter colored feathers. It was being fed by its parents like any other passarine would.
6/13/2021 Eagle Lake Park Wood Duck @ Eagle Lake Park, swimming in the central pond. A father, a mother and a baby. The male looked like it might be molting, it's feathers seemed worn and blotchy.
6/13/2021 - Eastern Screech-Owl At night in a tree in Clearwater. Around 12AM. Making hoarse groaning noise.
6/6/2021 Brooker Creek Black-crowned Night-Heron @ Brooker Creek, was being stalked by an alligator but it flew away in time.
6/6/2021 Brooker Creek Eastern Bluebird @ Brooker Creek, a fledgling and an adult. The adult had very worn colors. The fledlgling was bright blue but had scaly grey feathers around its head.
6/6/2021 Brooker Creek White-eyed Vireo @ Brooker Creek, very loud with a distinct song. Has a big white eye that distinguishes them. Vireos seem to have large beaks.
6/6/2021 Brooker Creek Northern Parula @ Brooker Creek, loud little birds and seem to be resident all year long
5/30/2021 Lake Seminole Park Purple Gallinule @ Lake Seminole Park. A pair in the reeds not far from the boat ramp. They are noticiably smaller than Common Gallinules. In poor lighting, they can be distinguished by their light-blue 'helmet'. They seem to have a penchant for snails.
5/30/2021 Lake Seminole Park Forster's Tern @ Lake Seminole Park. It let me get very close.
5/29/2021 Starkey Wilderness Park Great Crested Flycatcher @ Starkey Wilderness Park
5/25/2021 - Northern Mockingbird In my backyard, spreading its wings out and digging in the dirt with its beak. Not sure if this is usual behavior. It seemed like it was looking for bugs or something.
5/16/2021 John Chestnut Park Yellow-throated Warbler @ John Chestnut Park, in the tall trees by the water, very vocal
5/16/2021 Anderson Park Red-shouldered Hawk @ Anderson Park, in Tarpon. Sitting above a dog park... makes you wonder.
5/16/2021 John Chestnut Park Yellow-throated Vireo @ John Chestnut Park, hunting for caterpilers near the boat ramp. The mask around the eyes distinguishes it from warblers. It was slamming the caterpillers against the trees to kill them.
5/9/2021 Lake Saundra Wood Duck @ Lake Saundra, 3 males, no female in sight. They came and went several times over a period of three days.
5/9/2021 Wall Springs Park Red-tailed Hawk @ Wall Springs Park, hard to tell apart from other hawks sometimes but a dark belly band distinguishes it. Hawks look very differently throughout their lives, and they are usually highly sexually dimorphic, so they can look very similar sometimes.
5/9/2021 - Killdeer On the side of the road near a construction site. It was in a field of rocks, as they typically are. Their eggs look very similar to rocks. It was very alert and pacing around. Smaller than I expected up close.
5/9/2021 Wall Springs Park Pine Warbler @ Wall Springs Park, a pair, very fittingly, in a pine tree. One was gathering nesting materials.
5/9/2021 Wall Springs Park Magnificent Frigatebird @ Wall Springs park, flying over the water near the docks
5/9/2021 Hammock Park Carolina Chickadee @ Hammock Park, lots of them in oak trees towards the back of the park
5/8/2021 Lake Saundra Great Crested Flycatcher @ Lake Saundra, you can tell them apart from Eastern Phoebes by their tall head crest and more contrastive colors
5/8/2021 Lake Saundra Little Blue Heron @ Lake Saundra, a first year bird, still mostly white. Apparently they are white in their first year to blend in with Snowy Egrets, who are otherwise aggressive. Their mask is always a pale green-blue.
5/3/2021 Walsingham Park Pileated Woodpecker @Walsingham Park, pecking at the base of some trees in a wooded area near the playground. The trails back there look like Endor from Star Wars.
5/3/2021 Walsingham Park Magnificent Frigatebird @Walsingham Park, not very typical of the area, further inland than you would normally expect.
5/3/2021 George McGough Park American Redstart @George McGough Park. Take a right at the boardwalk to the intracoastal, in a wooded area close to the fence. There were two males. They had a very soft call and it was not particularly loud, I could not hear it from far away. They are quite small, slightly larger than an average warbler. Very beautiful, this park has proven to be a great place to birdwatch.
5/1/2021 - Yellow-crowned Night-Heron on the powerline overlooking the pond
5/1/2021 Eagle Lake Park Wood Duck @Eagle Lake Park
5/1/2021 Seminole Lake Park Mottled Duck @Seminole Lake Park, A pair that very well exhibited the differences between mottled ducks and mallards. The male has a black line on the top of its head with no visible green. The feathers have a unique painted appearance that continues to the chest rather than starting at the wing.
5/1/2021 George McGough Park Ovenbird @George McGough park, small and hopping around in the leaves. Didn't make a noise. I was not able to get a very clear picture but definitely and Ovenbird.
4/27/2021 - Great Crested Flycatcher On a powerline in my back yard. Very loud vreep-vreep-vreep call. They seem to come here in the summer or spring.
4/26/2021 - Pileated Woodpecker in the pine tree in the neighbors yard, first I have seen here
4/24/2021 Boca Ciega Near Entrance Northern Parula @ Boca Ciega near entrance
4/24/2021 Boca Ciega Clapper Rail @ Boca Ciega, near the boardwalk. Very loud buzzy chirp call. I had to wait almost 2 hours to get a photo of him. A new lifer for me. | Note: this was originally entered as a Virginia Rail but I am thinking it is a Clapper Rail now. The drab coloration and size make me think it was probably not a Virginia Rail, additionally eBird entries for this exact bird were entered as Clapper Rails by other users. I could be wrong, of course.
4/24/2021 Boca Ciega Around 930am Cedar Waxwing @ Boca Ciega around 930am, barely saw them flying overhead but a photograph confirmed it. Yellow wing tips gave it away.
4/24/2021 Boca Ciega Gray Catbird @ Boca Ciega, at least 6 of them today
4/24/2021 Boca Ciega Green Heron @ Boca Ciega, making some strange grunting I haven't heard
4/21/2021 - Brown Pelican In my backyard, swooped down into the water from the trees. Big fella.
4/18/2021 Boca Ciega Park In The Mangroves Yellow-crowned Night-Heron @ Boca Ciega park in the mangroves
4/18/2021 Boca Ciega Park Swallow-tailed Kite @ Boca Ciega park. First of the year, unfortunately I could not get a picture.
4/18/2021 Boca Ciega Park Northern Waterthrush @ Boca Ciega park. In some bushes a bit up the road from the rocky walls overlooking the water. It had short streaks on the neck continuing to the beak, which indicates it is a Northern Waterthrush and not a Louisiana Waterthrush
4/18/2021 Boca Ciega Park Bald Eagle @ Boca Ciega park near the observation tower
4/17/2021 - Wood Duck Swimming in a runoff ditch next to a road in Largo. Very handsome.
4/14/2021 - Common Grackle A mother feeding a fledgling from one of my feeders. The fledgling was smaller and lighter matte grey color but the same shape as the mother. Definitely not a parasitic Cowbird, thankfully.
4/12/2021 - Tree Swallow Flying very high over the pond again
4/12/2021 - Red-winged Blackbird Very colorful and loud this time of year. They also seem to be getting very territorial, and keep fighting eachother.
4/6/2021 - Double-crested Cormorant new at my pond, previously only anhingas. Was flying in a circle above the water. Its plumage appeared worn and patchy.
3/22/2021 - Brown Thrasher New to the yard, but not interested in feeder. They are more abundant in the spring and summer it seems.
3/21/2021 Fort De Soto Loggerhead Shrike @ Fort De Soto
3/21/2021 Lake Seminole Park Northern Rough-winged Swallow @ Lake Seminole Park - barely visible flying over the lake from afar. Distinctly a swallow, but dark brown.
3/21/2021 Fort De Soto Sandwich Tern @ Fort De Soto - Flying over a bridge. Odd looking bill, black with a yellow tip
3/21/2021 Fort De Soto Reddish Egret @ Fort De Soto - Not very common. In a small pool near the beach. Doing some sort of dance with its wings. Got into a fight with a merganser,,,
3/21/2021 Fort De Soto Prothonotary Warbler @ Fort De Soto - In an oak tree around 8am. Unmistakable bold yellow collor
3/21/2021 Fort De Soto Red-breasted Merganser @ Fort De Soto - Very common around here
3/13/2021 Hammock Park Wood Duck @ Hammock Park, a beautiful pair by the stream. Notably smaller than other ducks
3/13/2021 Honeymoon Island SP Northern Parula @ Honeymoon Island, a female this time, eating nectar out of some flowers. Less colorful than males with drab green/yellow patches. Two toned beak might be a good indicator.
3/13/2021 Hammock Park Northern Parula @ Hammock Park, eating berries from the trees
3/13/2021 Lake Saundra Bald Eagle @ Lake Saundra - Drinking water, Every bird near by started making alarm calls as soon as it drew near. Stuck around for a bit but I did not see it catch anything.
3/13/2021 Honeymoon Island SP Bald Eagle @ Honeymoon Island SP
3/13/2021 Lake Saundra Double-crested Cormorant @ Lake Saundra - A large group, in breeding plumage. The insides of their mouths turns neon-blue when they're breeding.
3/13/2021 Honeymoon Island SP Great Horned Owl @ Honeymoon Island - In a large pine tree by a nest. It looked like an older fledgling, still having some fluffy feathers. Looked paler than most.
3/10/2021 - Red-tailed Hawk circling the pond
3/9/2021 - American Kestrel On a pine tree overlooking my pond
3/9/2021 - Tree Swallow A pair flying very high above the pond
3/9/2021 - Red-winged Blackbird At my feeder. Less at the feeder lately
3/2/2021 - Caspian Tern
2/28/2021 Boca Ciaga Eurasian Collared-Dove @ Boca Ciaga. I am very fond of these doves for some reason
2/28/2021 Boca Ciaga Green Heron @ Boca Ciaga. Someday Ill see a bittern...
2/28/2021 Boca Ciaga Eastern Phoebe @ Boca Ciaga
2/26/2021 - Common Gallinule Came right up to my back door and screamed, then ate some seed. First time one has come this close
2/26/2021 - Eurasian Collared-Dove Now a frequent visitor to the yard. Very beautiful cooing song.
2/26/2021 - Boat-tailed Grackle First I've ever seen at my feeder. Hundred of Common Grackles, but never a Boat-tailed. Distingushed by larger size, wider tail and dark eyes.
2/26/2021 - Belted Kingfisher
2/23/2021 - Eastern Screech-Owl In a tree in my back yard at around 8 or 9pm. I couldn't see it clearly but no other owl would be that size besides a burrowind owl, but that is pretty unlikely.
2/21/2021 Eagle Lake Black-and-white Warbler @ Eagle Lake
2/20/2021 Seminole City Park Mallard @ Seminole City Park - Domestic subspecies, specifically Pekin I think
2/20/2021 Seminole City Park Redhead @ Seminole City Park - A float of about 50 on a pond. They seem to travel in large groups, I have never seen one alone
2/20/2021 Weedon Island Preserve Roseate Spoonbill @ Weedon Island Preserve - Nice place but almost no birds at all, probably wouldnt return
2/19/2021 - Green Heron Two seemed to be chasing eachother around the pond
2/18/2021 - Tufted Titmouse Now regulars at the feeder
2/17/2021 - Cooper's Hawk Another in the yard, this time an adult. Another field marker is to note where their eye is positioned in their head, if it is centered then it may be a sharp shinned hawk.
2/16/2021 - Fish Crow Started to appear at the pond. Prior, there were no crows at all. They have a two-note nasally call 'ah AH'.
2/15/2021 - Wood Stork He was outside the door of a starbucks... I think he wanted to be let in. I have seen them before in that shopping plaza
2/14/2021 Boca Ciega Park Roseate Spoonbill @ boca ciega park, on the island across from the observation tower
2/11/2021 - Bald Eagle Circling over the pond
2/10/2021 - Cooper's Hawk Bastard attacked my bird feeder, made off with a starling. He was about the size of a large dove and was clearly a juvenile. Strong brow ridge and long neck indicate that it is a cooper's hawk and not a sharp shinned hawk
2/10/2021 - Belted Kingfisher He is back at the pond
2/10/2021 - American Robin a trio visited my feeder, they seem to travel in groups
2/9/2021 - Caspian Tern He seems to be here for good, but he is the only seabird on the whole pond. I have observed a few terns visiting lake saundra in dunedin with similar regularity and behavior. they never seem to land, so perhaps they only come here to eat. Seagulls do not seem to do this.
2/7/2021 Eagle Lake Park Prairie Warbler @ Eagle Lake park, in the bushes near the water
2/7/2021 Eagle Lake Park Brown Thrasher @ Eagle Lake park, first I have seen in a while, They seem to be more common in the summer
2/7/2021 Eagle Lake Park Red-shouldered Hawk @ Eagle Lake Park
2/7/2021 Eagle Lake Park American Robin @ Eagle Lake park, a flock of about 15. They seem to appear around mid-Jan.
2/7/2021 Eagle Lake Park Northern Flicker @ Eagle Lake park, a new lifer! They are very loud and seem to have a higher pitched call than other woodpeckers. It seemed very timid and would fly away if anyone was within 30 feet of his tree.
2/6/2021 Brigadoon Red-shouldered Hawk @ brigadoon, eating a rat!
2/6/2021 - Indian Peafowl Feral in a suburb
2/4/2021 - Turkey Vulture on my dang roof! likely after a dog bone
2/3/2021 - Mottled Duck two males and one female actually, they all seem to stay together
2/2/2021 - Eurasian Collared-Dove in the yard
1/30/2021 - Great Blue Heron battling with an osprey
1/30/2021 Seminole Lake Park Tree Swallow @ seminole lake park - by the boat ramp, around 9am. large swarm catching insects.
1/30/2021 Seminole Lake Park Black-and-white Warbler @ seminole lake park
1/30/2021 Seminole Lake Park Blue-headed Vireo @ seminole lake park
1/30/2021 - Osprey battling with a great blue heron who strayed too close to his nest
1/29/2021 - Yellow-rumped Warbler was flycatching
1/27/2021 - Red-bellied Woodpecker Many have been visiting lately
1/27/2021 - European Starling another murmuration attacked my suet...
1/26/2021 - American Robin New in the backyard, was using the birdbath
1/25/2021 - Monk Parakeet a few are mixed with the nanday parakeets
1/25/2021 - Northern Cardinal I think the new plants at the feeder are working
1/24/2021 St Pete Loggerhead Shrike @ St Pete - They seem to frequent grassy areas near beaches
1/24/2021 Pasco Near Road Sandhill Crane @ pasco near road
1/24/2021 St Pete Black-bellied Plover @ St Pete, part of large group of birds on sandbar
1/24/2021 St Pete Short-billed Dowitcher @ St Pete
1/24/2021 St Pete Ring-billed Gull @ St Pete
1/24/2021 St Pete Willet @ St Pete - Similar looking to a Dunlin
1/24/2021 St Pete American White Pelican @ St Pete
1/24/2021 St. Pete Marbled Godwit @ St. Pete - Bill curves upward
1/24/2021 St. Pete Semipalmated Sandpiper @ St. Pete
1/22/2021 - Pine Warbler Visited the bird bath around noon today
1/22/2021 - Caspian Tern He is back at the pond again - some solitary terns seem to prefer ponds
1/22/2021 - Nanday Parakeet the many small clusters have joined into one large swarm of over 100
1/21/2021 - Mottled Duck He now has a mate. No white border on speculum feathers, unlike a mallard
1/21/2021 - Caspian Tern New at the pond
1/21/2021 - Yellow-rumped Warbler Spotted several coming to back yard
1/19/2021 - Tufted Titmouse They seem to like the new food
1/18/2021 - Mottled Duck He has returned to the pond, active in the evening
1/13/2021 Dunedin Eastern Bluebird @ Dunedin, they seem to like powerlines
1/13/2021 Dunedin Carolina Chickadee @ Dunedin
1/13/2021 Dunedin Nanday Parakeet @ Dunedin, came to feeder
1/13/2021 Dunedin Baltimore Oriole @ Dunedin - Still beautiful in its winter plumage, very happy to have seen it
1/13/2021 Dunedin American Goldfinch @ Dunedin, new this year
1/10/2021 Fort De Soto Loggerhead Shrike @ Fort De Soto - very abundant
1/10/2021 Fort De Soto Common Ground Dove @ Fort De Soto - they seem to like beaches
1/10/2021 Fort De Soto Forster's Tern @ Fort De Soto
1/10/2021 Fort De Soto Gray Catbird @ Fort De Soto - drinking at the fountain
1/10/2021 Fort De Soto Red-breasted Merganser @ Fort De Soto
1/10/2021 Fort De Soto American White Pelican @ Fort De Soto - near mangrove woods
1/10/2021 Fort De Soto Red Knot @ Fort De Soto
1/10/2021 Fort De Soto Common Loon @ Fort De Soto - near the pier
1/10/2021 Fort De Soto Surf Scoter @ Fort De Soto - a pair near the dog beach
1/10/2021 Fort De Soto Ruddy Turnstone @ Fort De Soto - was actually turning over stones
1/10/2021 Fort De Soto Semipalmated Plover @ Fort De Soto
1/9/2021 Philippe Park Sanderling @ philippe park
1/9/2021 Philippe Park Lesser Scaup @ philippe park
1/7/2021 - Mottled Duck New resident at the pond, similar to an eclipse mallard but no green and different coloring
1/2/2021 Lake Apopka Purple Gallinule @ Lake Apopka
1/2/2021 Lake Apopka American Kestrel @ Lake Apopka
1/2/2021 Lake Apopka Black-bellied Whistling-Duck @ Lake Apopka
1/2/2021 Lake Apopka Tree Swallow @ Lake Apopka
1/2/2021 - Eastern Bluebird On a powerline in Apopka
1/2/2021 Green Mountain FL Cedar Waxwing @ Green Mountain FL - Unexpected in Florida, didn't know they lived here
1/2/2021 Lake Apopka Belted Kingfisher @ Lake Apopka
1/2/2021 Lake Apopka Sandhill Crane @ Lake Apopka
1/2/2021 - Greater Yellowlegs
1/2/2021 Green Mountain FL Yellow-bellied Sapsucker @ Green Mountain FL
1/2/2021 Lake Apopka Common Yellowthroat @ Lake Apopka - Got a picture this time!
1/2/2021 Lake Apopka Swamp Sparrow @ Lake Apopka
1/2/2021 Lake Apopka Gray-headed Swamphen @ Lake Apopka - Non-native and very powerful
1/2/2021 Lake Apopka Fulvous Whistling-Duck @ Lake Apopka
1/2/2021 Lake Apopka Ring-necked Duck @ Lake Apopka
1/2/2021 Lake Apopka Glossy Ibis @ Lake Apopka
12/31/2020 - European Starling Raided my suet, ~100 of them
12/30/2020 War Veterans Memorial Park Black-and-white Warbler @ War Veterans Memorial Park, very common in this area
12/30/2020 War Veterans Memorial Park Nanday Parakeet @ War Veterans Memorial Park
12/28/2020 - White Ibis a pair visited my yard
12/26/2020 - Yellow-rumped Warbler Very abundant this time of year
12/24/2020 Seminole Lake Park Prairie Warbler @ seminole lake park, on flooded north trail
12/24/2020 - Royal Tern
12/24/2020 Honeymoon Island SP Common Ground Dove @ Honeymoon Island SP
12/24/2020 Seminole Lake Park Blue-headed Vireo @ seminole lake park
12/24/2020 - Yellow-rumped Warbler many Yellow-Rumped Warblers today
12/24/2020 - Common Yellowthroat Near boat ramp at seminole lake park, didnt get a picture :(
12/24/2020 - House Wren in a bush
12/21/2020 - Red-winged Blackbird colors are starting to come in
12/20/2020 - Eurasian Collared-Dove
12/20/2020 - American Kestrel
12/20/2020 - Limpkin
12/20/2020 - Gray Catbird sneaky in a palm tree
12/20/2020 - Yellow-rumped Warbler Myrtle female
12/20/2020 - Nanday Parakeet
12/20/2020 - Yellow-bellied Sapsucker In Largo Central Park NP, neat row of holes in tree
12/20/2020 - Pied-billed Grebe
12/16/2020 - Monk Parakeet visited my feeder for the first time!!
12/15/2020 - Common Gallinule they squawked at a cat and scared it away from my feeder, so i gave them some seed
12/15/2020 - Belted Kingfisher
12/14/2020 - Green Heron
12/14/2020 - Monk Parakeet
12/13/2020 - Boat-tailed Grackle
12/13/2020 - Limpkin
12/13/2020 - Eastern Screech-Owl
12/13/2020 - Pied-billed Grebe
12/13/2020 Largo Central Park NP Northern Shoveler @ Largo Central Park NP - evil looking duck
12/13/2020 - Blue-winged Teal
12/12/2020 - Pileated Woodpecker 2 very close up
12/12/2020 War Veteran's Memorial Park Yellow-throated Warbler @ war veteran's memorial park
12/12/2020 - American Kestrel
12/12/2020 - Bald Eagle flying over a veterans cemetary, very fitting
12/12/2020 War Veteran's Memorial Park Black-and-white Warbler @ war veteran's memorial park - got a picture this time
12/12/2020 - Downy Woodpecker
12/8/2020 - Eastern Phoebe on da fence
12/7/2020 - Red-tailed Hawk attacked feeder, but not successful
12/6/2020 Seminole Park Black-and-white Warbler @ Seminole Park
12/6/2020 - American Coot
12/4/2020 - European Starling At least 100 were at the feeder this morning
12/3/2020 - Red-winged Blackbird hanging platform feeder is a success
12/3/2020 - Brown-headed Cowbird feeding frenzy this morning
11/29/2020 Celery Fields Loggerhead Shrike @ Celery Fields
11/29/2020 - Common Ground Dove
11/29/2020 Oscar Scherer's SP Bald Eagle @ Oscar Scherer's SP
11/29/2020 Celery Fields Roseate Spoonbill @ Celery Fields
11/29/2020 Oscar Scherer SP Florida Scrub-Jay @ Oscar Scherer SP - Exceptionally rare bird, very happy to have seen it
11/29/2020 Oscar Scherers SP Red-headed Woodpecker @ Oscar Scherers SP
11/26/2020 - Common Gallinule in my back yard
11/26/2020 - Green Heron
11/26/2020 - European Starling
11/26/2020 - Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
11/25/2020 - Great Blue Heron
11/22/2020 Myakka Black-bellied Whistling-Duck @ myakka, a whole family!
11/22/2020 Myakka Black Vulture @ myakka
11/22/2020 Myakka Red-shouldered Hawk @ myakka
11/22/2020 Myakka Eastern Phoebe @ myakka
11/22/2020 Myakka Turkey Vulture @ myakka
11/22/2020 Myakka Lesser Scaup @ myakka, diving in water
11/22/2020 Myakka Glossy Ibis @ myakka
11/22/2020 - Northern Harrier white patch above tail
11/22/2020 Myakka Northern Harrier @ myakka
11/22/2020 Myakka Snail Kite @ myakka
11/15/2020 - Pine Warbler
11/14/2020 - Common Grackle so many black birds
11/13/2020 - Green Heron just passing through
11/13/2020 - Tufted Titmouse
11/13/2020 - Brown-headed Cowbird lots of them, new at the feeder
11/13/2020 - Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
11/12/2020 - Eurasian Collared-Dove
11/12/2020 - Boat-tailed Grackle
11/12/2020 - Red-winged Blackbird
11/12/2020 - Belted Kingfisher he lives here
11/12/2020 - Monk Parakeet across pond
11/12/2020 - Nanday Parakeet in pine tree, two species on the pond!!
11/6/2020 - Red-tailed Hawk
11/6/2020 - Blue-gray Gnatcatcher tiny female
11/3/2020 - Belted Kingfisher at new house pond
9/24/2020 - Eurasian Collared-Dove
9/24/2020 Hammock Butterfly Garden Pileated Woodpecker @ hammock butterfly garden
9/24/2020 - Nanday Parakeet outside of hammock park, 3 of them
9/2/2020 - House Finch local house finches seem to be yellow, large group at feeder
8/29/2020 - Prothonotary Warbler
8/29/2020 - Osprey
8/24/2020 - Roseate Spoonbill hidden in the trees
8/23/2020 - Carolina Chickadee always seem to be near titmice
8/23/2020 - Tufted Titmouse very social little birds
8/22/2020 - Cattle Egret hiding under an overpass
8/22/2020 - Double-crested Cormorant first i have seen in a while
8/19/2020 - Wood Stork big freak
8/17/2020 - Great Crested Flycatcher
8/17/2020 - Brown Thrasher
8/16/2020 - Northern Parula speedy little fella
8/14/2020 - Great Crested Flycatcher very cool looking bird
8/14/2020 - Carolina Chickadee new at the pond!
8/13/2020 - Pileated Woodpecker the trinity
8/13/2020 - Red-bellied Woodpecker the trinity
8/11/2020 - Roseate Spoonbill stunning fowl
8/9/2020 - Common Gallinule a youngster!
8/9/2020 - Tricolored Heron purple lookin'
8/9/2020 - Cooper's Hawk eating a mourning dove...
8/8/2020 - Common Gallinule florida isnt very good for birdwatching in the summer
8/8/2020 - Fish Crow had a palm tree seed in his mouth
8/8/2020 - Black-crowned Night-Heron
8/6/2020 - Brown Thrasher first ive seen at the feeder
8/6/2020 - Tufted Titmouse a pair at the feeder
8/6/2020 - Red-bellied Woodpecker two yelling at eachother
8/5/2020 - Royal Tern very big
8/5/2020 - Downy Woodpecker
8/4/2020 - Red-shouldered Hawk a youngster
8/4/2020 - Spotted Sandpiper very timid
8/3/2020 - Brown Thrasher always seem to be in bushes
8/3/2020 - Green Heron they can vary in size by a lot, this one was as small as a gallinule
8/3/2020 - Spotted Sandpiper tiny, frequents local pond
8/2/2020 - Wood Stork
8/2/2020 - Red-shouldered Hawk sneaky
8/1/2020 - Tricolored Heron
8/1/2020 - Monk Parakeet more again!
7/31/2020 - Monk Parakeet noisy
7/30/2020 - Great Crested Flycatcher
7/30/2020 - Northern Parula fast little bird
7/30/2020 - Mallard they have formed two tribes, one gregarious, the other only mallards
7/30/2020 - House Sparrow unwanted new visitor
7/29/2020 - Roseate Spoonbill sleepy
7/29/2020 - Red-bellied Woodpecker scared from my feeder on accident :(
7/29/2020 - Laughing Gull more keep coming to the pond
7/28/2020 - Brown Pelican i hate pelicans
7/28/2020 - Prothonotary Warbler hard to photograph
7/28/2020 - Muscovy Duck handsome
7/28/2020 - Palm Warbler
7/27/2020 - Blue Jay not as abundant outside of florida as I thought
7/27/2020 - Pileated Woodpecker big fella
7/25/2020 - Cedar Waxwing in the blue ridge mountains, beautiful song
7/25/2020 - Eastern Towhee in the blue ridge mountains
7/25/2020 - Dark-eyed Junco in the blue ridge mountains
7/24/2020 - Carolina Wren very abundant in the mountains of north carolina
7/24/2020 - Ruby-throated Hummingbird very fast, in bryson city
7/24/2020 - Canada Goose a large gaggle in north carolina
7/23/2020 Feeder Common Grackle new @ feeder
7/22/2020 - Mourning Dove they like the feeder, pretty coloration if you look close
7/22/2020 Feeder Tufted Titmouse squeaking @ feeder
7/22/2020 - Red-bellied Woodpecker first ive seen with a red belly
7/22/2020 - Barn Swallow above backyard
7/21/2020 - Yellow-crowned Night-Heron a duo...
7/21/2020 - Yellow-crowned Night-Heron seems to be less common than black crowned
7/21/2020 - Limpkin
7/20/2020 - Royal Tern at a lake
7/20/2020 - Common Gallinule
7/20/2020 - Tricolored Heron
7/20/2020 - Great Blue Heron old and battered
7/20/2020 - Black-crowned Night-Heron sneaky
7/20/2020 - Anhinga
7/20/2020 - Osprey only bird to be found in this heat
7/20/2020 - Northern Cardinal only songbird all day
7/20/2020 - American Coot
7/20/2020 - Muscovy Duck 5 babies...
7/19/2020 - White Ibis illusive...
7/19/2020 - White Ibis
7/19/2020 - Double-crested Cormorant
7/19/2020 - Red-bellied Woodpecker brazen
7/19/2020 - Monk Parakeet noisy!
7/19/2020 - Muscovy Duck new babies, again
7/19/2020 - Great Egret
2/11/2020 - Snow Goose At Myakka SP; far outside its range but confirmed.
10/18/2019 Viera Wetlands Painted Bunting @ Viera Wetlands, in full plumage
- - Wood Duck -
- - Swallow-tailed Kite -
- - Magnificent Frigatebird -
- - American Redstart -
- - Reddish Egret -
- - Great Horned Owl -
- - Caspian Tern -
- - Redhead -
- - American Robin -
- - Semipalmated Sandpiper -
- - Herring Gull -
- - Horned Puffin Seen on a whale watching boat in Alaska, near Anchorage/Seward. Gets its name from protrusions near its eyes.
- - Greater Scaup -
- - Golden Eagle Seen in Alaska, huge all brown Eagle. Was perched on a boardwalk.
- - Eastern Meadowlark Seen in a meadow somewhere in Central FL, near Orlando
- - Common Raven -
- Lake Saundra Blackpoll Warbler @Lake Saundra, during a storm
- - Black-throated Blue Warbler In a park in Melbourne FL
- Myakka River SP Black-necked Stilt @ Myakka River SP
- - Black Skimmer -
- - Bank Swallow -
- - American Crow -
- - Wilson's Storm-Petrel Seen on a whale watching boat in Maine
- - Wild Turkey -
- - Snowy Egret -
- - Rock Pigeon -