Porzana carolina
Porzana carolina · from Wikimedia Commons (Credit)

My Sightings

Date Location Note
Possum Branch Preservein the bushes on the far end of the pond near the entrance. Tiny with distinct yellow beak and speckled feathers. silent and very shy. finally got a picture
Boyd Hill PreserveAnother heard, but not seen. Very distinct call, I think I am good at identifying it now. It will probably be a while before I can get a view of one in the open.
Brooker CreekOn the Keystone trail, on the right side near the entrance. in very thick brush, so I only heard it, but I was able to get a recording and a positive id. I wish I was able to see it but now at least I know they exist.

My Photos

Date Photo
📷 PYP_7010_1.JPG
📷 PTP_7010.JPG