Purple Gallinule

Porphyrio martinica
Porphyrio martinica · from Wikimedia Commons (Credit)

My Sightings

Date Location Note
Corkscrew SwampA young navy colored bird
Lake SeminoleA lone purple with some common gallinules in the usual spot
Lake Seminole@ Lake Seminole, the usual spot
Lake Seminole Park@ Lake Seminole Park, in the usual spot. There were 3 in total. 2 appeared to be either molting or immature as their feathers appeared quite worn. The third was a tan colored juvenile.
Lake Seminole Park@ Lake Seminole Park, a baby and a parent. They seem to be terrified to the Common Gallinules. A man nearby told me that the blackbirds also attack the purple gallinules. Poor things. The baby looked very different from a common gallinule, with black and greenish painted coloration.
John Chestnut Park@ John Chestnut park, in the plants near the boardwalk near the playground. It had a baby with it. The baby was a tannish color and easily distingusished from a common gallinule baby.
Lake Seminole Park@ Lake Seminole Park. A pair in the reeds not far from the boat ramp. They are noticiably smaller than Common Gallinules. In poor lighting, they can be distinguished by their light-blue 'helmet'. They seem to have a penchant for snails.
Lake Apopka@ Lake Apopka

My Photos

Date Photo
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