Prairie Warbler

Setophaga discolor
Setophaga discolor · from Wikimedia Commons (Credit)

My Sightings

Date Location Note
Roosevelt Wetlands-
Honeymoons Island SP-
Fort De Soto@ Fort De Soto, in the mangrove forest
Seminole Lake Park@ Seminole Lake Park, with some yellow warblers.
Sawgrass Lake Park@ Sawgrass Lake Park
Lake Saundra@ Lake Saundra, female/juvenile
Lake Seminole Park@ Lake Seminole Park, in a tree near where the purple gallinules live. It was battling with another warbler, I think the same species.
Eagle Lake Park@ Eagle Lake park, in the bushes near the water
Seminole Lake Park@ seminole lake park, on flooded north trail

My Photos

Date Photo
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📷 PTO_7799.JPG
📷 PTO_6144.JPG
📷 PTO_5150.JPG
📷 PTO_4494.JPG
📷 PTO_3006.JPG
📷 PTO_2498.JPG
📷 IMG_4678.JPG
📷 IMG_0782.JPG