Palm Warbler

Setophaga palmarum
Setophaga palmarum · from Wikimedia Commons (Credit)

My Sightings

Date Location Note
Fort De Soto@ Fort De Soto, extremely numerous.
Lake Seminole Park@ Lake Seminole Park, still numerous
-All over my yard, at least 15. They seem to mostly feed on the groud, where they also apparently make their nests. They are very brave for a warbler, they are the only species that comes in large numbers to my icterid dominated yard. They come within a few feet of me when I am outside. They constantly bob their tail up and down, which makes them easy to spot.
Fort De Soto@ Fort De Soto, several all over the place. they seem to be the dominant warbler after a certain point in the fall.
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My Photos

Date Photo
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📷 PTO_6090.JPG