Gray Catbird

Dumetella carolinensis
Dumetella carolinensis · from Wikimedia Commons (Credit)

My Sightings

Date Location Note
Werner-Boyce SP-
Honeymoon IslandExtremely numerous, more than ever. I counted at 20 on a short walk. Maybe they are preparing to go somewhere else.
Honeymoon Island-
Honeymoon Island SPstill numerous
Boca Ciega Park@ Boca Ciega park
-George McGough park, serveral near the entrance in a mixed flock with cardinals
Boca Ciega@ Boca Ciega, at least 6 of them today
Fort De Soto@ Fort De Soto - drinking at the fountain
-sneaky in a palm tree

My Photos

Date Photo
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📷 PTP_2285.JPG
📷 PTO_6974.JPG
📷 PTO_6716.JPG
📷 IMG_4523.JPG
📷 IMG_3260.JPG