Eastern Bluebird

Sialia sialis
Sialia sialis · from Wikimedia Commons (Credit)

My Sightings

Date Location Note
Brooker CreekOn the runoff trail of which I forget the name
Brooker CreekVery blue
Brooker CreekMany as usual scattered around the park
Brooker Creek@ Brooker Creek, getting worms for its babies
Brooker Creek@ Brooker Creek, a fledgling and an adult. The adult had very worn colors. The fledlgling was bright blue but had scaly grey feathers around its head.
Dunedin@ Dunedin, they seem to like powerlines
-On a powerline in Apopka

My Photos

Date Photo
📷 PTP_6259.JPG
📷 PTP_6658.JPG
📷 PTP_0162.JPG
📷 IMG_9405.JPG
📷 IMG_9380.JPG