Common Grackle

Quiscalus quiscula
Quiscalus quiscula · from Wikimedia Commons (Credit)

My Sightings

Date Location Note
-a veritable swarm today, at least 25 at once. They must be hungry, I haven't had the feeders out much lately.
-A juvenile at my feeder. It unfortunately seemed to be afflicted with Avian Pox or some similar ailment. There is currently a mysterious disease effecting birds in the Eastern US, hopefully this is unrelated. I took down the feeders for a while and cleaned them.
-They seem to be having another round of babies
-A mother feeding a fledgling from one of my feeders. The fledgling was smaller and lighter matte grey color but the same shape as the mother. Definitely not a parasitic Cowbird, thankfully.
-so many black birds
Feedernew @ feeder

My Photos

Date Photo
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