Common Gallinule

Gallinula galeata
Gallinula galeata · from Wikimedia Commons (Credit)

My Sightings

Date Location Note
Largo Central Park NPThey were all acting rowdy and strange
-One of the Gallinules on my pond has had another round of babies. The last brood of three juveniles are still around and I think they are staying to help raise the new babies. A birdwatcher at a nearby park had told me that the older offspring will help raise the younger ones.
-Some youngsters on the dock across the pond.
Walsingham Park@ Walsingham Park, lots of babies, and they are all fearless. They followed me around for a little bit. Very cute.
-Came right up to my back door and screamed, then ate some seed. First time one has come this close
-they squawked at a cat and scared it away from my feeder, so i gave them some seed
-in my back yard
-a youngster!
-florida isnt very good for birdwatching in the summer
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My Photos

Date Photo
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