Black-bellied Whistling-Duck

Dendrocygna autumnalis
Dendrocygna autumnalis · from Wikimedia Commons (Credit)

My Sightings

Date Location Note
Roosevelt WetlandsA single bird swimming on the peninsula in the middle of the pond
Brooker CreekA few mostly by the roadside by the northern part of the preserve (north of the road)
Largo Central Park NP-
Lake Seminole Park@ Lake Seminole Park, a pair at around 7am near where the purple gallinules are
Largo Central Park NP@ Largo Central Park NP, an adult and a younger bird sleeping near the powerlines.
Brooker Creek@ Brooker Creek, flying overhead. Not sure where they were going, but it was towards the direction of the entrance. I need to check some nearby ponds.
Lake Apopka@ Lake Apopka
Myakka@ myakka, a whole family!

My Photos

Date Photo
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