American Redstart

Setophaga ruticilla
Setophaga ruticilla · from Wikimedia Commons (Credit)

My Sightings

Date Location Note
George Mcgough Park-
Lake Saundramany young and females and a single mature male
George McGough Park@ George McGough park, at least 20 in the park. They do not stay still for more than a second, probably because they are looking for food right now. They must be at their peak right now because I am seeing lots of them lately.
Boca Ciega Park@ Boca Ciega park, a female. They really do not seem to like to stay still. They also don't often show their face, they seem to stand 'backwards'. They often seem to fan out their tail feathers.
Lake Saundra@ Lake Saundra, a male in a a tall oak tree
Hammock Park@ Hammock park, near the baseball fields. A male and a female. Females are olive/gray and yellow instead of black and orange. Both seem to have whiskers around their beak.
George McGough Park@George McGough Park. Take a right at the boardwalk to the intracoastal, in a wooded area close to the fence. There were two males. They had a very soft call and it was not particularly loud, I could not hear it from far away. They are quite small, slightly larger than an average warbler. Very beautiful, this park has proven to be a great place to birdwatch.

My Photos

Date Photo
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